[Home Delivery] Aburi-EN, a flame seared Japanese restaurant

Aburi [あぶり] is literally translated as "flamed seared". At Aburi-EN, it focuses on flamed seared or torch blowed Japanese cuisine that you will be oozing with delight. This Japanese food chain has numerous outlets including the heartlands. I had a craving for unagi rice bowl after watching a Japanese food documentary on eels. Instead of ordering from U-ya  - an Unagi specialty Japanese restaurant, I took a leap of faith and ordered a food delivery from Aburi-EN. The Wagyu and Unagi Combo Jyu serves with Australian Wagyu and Grilled Eel on rice $29.60. Jyu [ じゅーっ]  is defined as sizzling - something frying on a pan. Although we did not hear any sizzling, the Wagyu beef was tender and the grilled eel was so-so. Compared to Uya, the eel could be better. (Food rating: 4/5) Priced at $35.40, this Wagyu Roast Steak Jyu is one of the more expensive Japanese don I have ever eaten. The grilled Miyazaki Wagyu steak served with assorted vegetables over rice. The beef portion

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