Saap Saap Thai - A quasi-fast food Halal Thai restaurant chain in Singapore

Saap Saap Thai is a Halal Thai Specialty restaurant chain that serves all-time favourite dishes most of us are familiar with. It boasts the use of fresh produce, genuine Thai imported sauces, herbs and spices, hence, it brings across the true essence of Thai cuisine - sweet, sour, and spicy. Saap is translated as yummy.   It has been a couple of years since I published a food review on Thai cuisine. Some restaurants survived and some don't.  Unlike the typical Thai restaurants, my first impression was that it is a quasi-fast food restaurant. It has a list of standard dishes that you can choose from. I can say that the owner(s) are very thoughtful. The selections are suitable for people who wants to order takeouts; for people who are dining alone and do not want to order too much food; for people dining in groups but not comfortable to share dishes due to hygiene reasons.  I ordered a couple of dishes after consulting the counter staff for recommendations.  For starters, the 6-pc M

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