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Food delivery has almost become a commonplace in Singapore; where the hot and humid weather hinders enthusiasm dining outside of home. It has also made Singapore even smaller, where food is now easily available to sate your cravings. Recently, I become an avid fan of food deliveries. The hot, humid climate and the ever-crowded dining places always hinder me from dining outside of the comfortable of my home. 

I finally got to order food from Miam Miam for the first time and from home delivery. 

The Mac & Cheese is believed to be made of Quartre Fromages, which was a different version of creamy macaroni and cheese. Similar to an apple crumble, the four cheese was super crunchy. The price at SGD14.50 came with a generous portion of pasta. However, I was disappointed with the texture (dry) and its bland taste. On a positive note, it sated your hunger. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Highly recommended and popular amongst customers, the Onsen Egg Mushroom Soup is a rich and earthy soup that was filled with button and shiitake chunks. The onsen egg (half boiled egg) oozed creamy yolk goodness when pricked. Quite an expensive soup of $6.40, the mushroom soup was watery and it tasted like Campbell's soup. I wished that it would be better. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Another highly recommended food, the Famous French Toast was the most expensive and ordinary food amongst the food items I have ordered. Similar to a local cafe - Ya Kun Coffee, the french toast was perfectly coated with eggs before it was pan-fried. You may drizzle some maple syrup to add a boost. Although it is priced at $11.90, it was the best among the food items I had ordered from Miam Miam so far. (Food rating: 3/5)

Shogayaki Pork (Donburi) came with fragrant Japanese rice sauteed with special sauce. It was then topped with pork fillet marinated with ginger and shoyu, seared and topped wafu tofu, baby radish and crispy cucumber. Loved the rice which was chewy. (Food rating: 3/5)

Overall, I felt that the restaurant was over-rated and it was mere ordinary. I may not consider patronising Miam Miam again. 

With the emergence of food delivery in Singapore like Foodpanda and Deliveroo, it allows people to enjoy ambrosial food without travelling outside their homes. 

It was a lazy weekend and we had Bali Thai for lunch via the food delivery. 

Bali Thai offers a perfect combination of both Thai and Indonesian cuisines where diners enjoy the best of both worlds from Thailand and Indonesia. 

The Tahu Telur or Fried Beancurd with Egg was a great starter before the main course. The original version from Jawa Timur, Indonesia was flat like an omelette or a shape of a pancake. The Singapore version has a shape like a cylinder and top with finely shredded cucumber and carrots with a good drizzle of peanut sauce. The beaten eggs were fragrant and beautifully fried with the beancurd cubes into golden brown colour. The peanut sauce with the egg mixture was absolutely delicious. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Satay Madura (BBQ chicken) were identical to Singapore's local satay. The marinade was sweet with a nice lemongrass fragrance. The chicken satay  or bbq chicken were grilled and the dipped with crunchy peanut sauce. Identical to the local Satay, Satay Madura was equally delicious. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Pineapple Rice with Fish Fillet was an interesting combination. The Pineapple rice was fragrant and the texture was perfect. However, I would not think the fish fillet complement the pineapple rice. Though the fish was freshly prepared, the deep fried fish fillets did not taste good with the pineapple rice. I felt that both items were vying for attention. (Food rating: 3/5)

Best of the four items was the Beef Rendang with rice set. The beef rendang was a spicy beef stew that supposed cooked for long hours. The beef cubes would be very tender and disintegrate easier. However, the beef cubes in the rendang was a little tough. Came in huge cubes, the meat could be in bite size and more tender. The gravy, on the other hand, was perfect. I would order this set again. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

All pictures from Bali Thai.

Address: Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, #B1-13, Singapore 878761
Price: $
Rating: 4.5/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 4.5/5
Recommended dishes: Tahu Telur, Beef Rendang with Rice Set.

Located in the touristy belt along Boat Quay, Jin De Lai Zhong Hua La Mian (金德来中华拉面) serves Chinese Shaanxi (陕西菜) cuisine.

If you enjoy the delicious spicy food, you will definitely love this restaurant.

A simple restaurant with friendly servers provides you with a nice warm ambience and excellent dining experience. I ordered a couple of my favourite dishes and they never disappoint me.

The dumplings with thick chewy skin had generous meat filling. Each dumpling was huge and flavoursome. I loved eating it with ginger slices and vinegar. (Food rating: 4/5)

Liang Pi or 凉皮 was made of white rice noodles with cucumber stripes and tofu. The dish was mixed with spicy vinegar sauce. The noodles was chilled and refreshing when eating. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

The Spicy Tofu Skin Salad or [麻辣豆腐丝] is a definite must. The salad consists of tofu skin strips, crunchy cucumber strips, green chilli strips with rice vinegar and fragrant spices. A chilled salad that is both refreshing and addictive. (Food rating: 4/5)

The ever so popular Big Plate Chicken (大盘鸡面) remains ambrosial. The fragrant potatoes were delicious. The handmade noodles were chewy, cooked in al dente style. A noodle dish that you must definitely order. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Another noodle dish that you must also order is the handmade noodles sprinkled with hot chilli oil (油泼扯面). The noodles like Big Plate Chicken were chewy. (Food rating: 4/5)

Sambal Stingray is  local cuisine that grills stingrays with sambal chilli spread. The stingray was freshly prepared and more importantly the portion was larger than those sold at Lau Pat Sat.

Address: 56 Boat Quay, Singapore 049845
Price: $
Rating: 4/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 4/5
Recommended dishes: Big Plate Chicken Noodes, Chilled Tofu Skin Salad, Dumplings and Cold Noodles.

Jaggi's, adjacent to Race Course Road, is a new and nice place for authentic Indian cuisine. The naan were freshly prepared and baked in a thick urn. The lightly charred naan, together with the gravy, were a delightful dining experience.

Cooked with basmati rice and rich spices, the chicken bryani was fragrant and heavenly. However, the chicken was a little dry. Other than that, it was great. The curry and papadum were good complements to the rice dish. (Food rating: 4/5)

We ordered ourselves four different kinds of naan - plain, cheese, garlic, and red and green pepper. We loved the plain, cheese and garlic naan. They all tasted fantastic. As for the red and green pepper naan, it was interesting and good too. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Mutton Keema or mutton kheema is a gravy curry recipe made with minced meat. Scooping the minced meat onto the naan and eating it was heavenly. The keema was flavoursome with rich spices. I loved the keema best. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

The Indian Butter Chicken was so rich and flavoursome. Dipping the naan into the gravy, I could only say that it was simply awesome. The chicken was tender and the taste was superb. The spices in the gravy was fragrant. (Food rating: 4/5)

A must-try. The chilled sweetened yogurt drink were refreshing and nice. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Address: 37-39 Chander Road, Singapore 219541
Price: $
Rating: 4.5/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 4/5
Recommended dishes: Naan, Mutton Keema 

Qi Xiang Chicken Pot is one of cheaper places to enjoy Chicken Hot Pot/ Steamboat. 

Along Upper Serangoon Road, you find a nice recluse where you can enjoy the hot pot whilst enjoying the cool night breeze. 

Next to the entrance, you will find a refrigerator where you will take any sides you like to cook in the hot pot. Each coloured plate is charged differently. 

I love having the fried tofu, beancurd skin, golden mushroom in my hot pot. All of them complemented the spicy broth very well. It was a great fit. 

The restaurant also offers frog hot pot, if you are sick of having chicken all the time.

Address: 973 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534725
Price: $
Rating: 3.5/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 5/5. Even though we order half a chicken portion, we could not finish the entire pot of goodness.

According to Wikipedia, "Hot pot or steamboat refers to several East Asian varieties of stew, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table." 
You have cravings for steamboat but you are not sure where to find a good steamboat restaurant. Here is a summary of steamboat restaurants for your consideration.

As the weather starts to cool, it would be a great time to have steamboat or hot pot to warm the cockles of your heart.

Beauty in the pot is a popular phenomenon locally about the healthy and beauty benefits of collagen soup base steamboat. Why not have this beauty in the pot at  Tsukada Nojo?

You want to eat steamboat but you are alone? The chicken hotpot - spicy stewed chicken hotpot is just the amount for you. This hot pot has a nice fragrance that you cannot resist. You may also enjoy the same hot pot at Qi Xiang Chicken Pot.

Sick of having the Sichuan steamboat? The Tom Yam steamboat at Mini Steamboat Delights is the best choice. Their spicy chilli sauce and their tomyam soup base are must-try.

If going to Toa Payoh Neighbourhood is too far for you, how about having it at Orchard Road? The tom yam steamboat broth at Coca is a next contender of your choice.

Still want to have sichuan steamboat with great service? Hai Di Lao (海底捞火锅) not only provides great food but also great service. You can have manicure or play games whilst waiting a table. You will not find waiting a chore ever again.

Oh no! You have strong cravings for sichuan steamboat but you hate waiting. At Tanyoto (谭鱼头), you can enjoy good food and good ambience.


Once again, Hide Yamamoto blew my breath again with its Robata cuisine, which was amazingly delicious.

Located at Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre, order yourself a plate of Fried Prawn Noodles. Cooked in rich prawn broth, the noodles were very fragrant. The highlight of this plate of noodles was the numbing spicy chilli. You can't tell people that you have tried Yi Ji Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee if you have not eaten with the chilli.

Prawn noodles are cooked in many ways - some in pork rib soup, some cooked in Hokkien style, some with

Opens as late as past midnight, you will not worry if you are hungry in the middle of the night.

Address: 965 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534721
Price: $
Rating: 3/5


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