Alma by Juan Amador - An Aventure-ous Dinner Menu, Singapore

Alma by Juan Amador is a one Michelin-starred restaurant for five (5) consecutive years, since 2016. Alma, which is Spanish for soul, brings to the table an unforgettable experience with outstanding dishes shared over great conversations and ambience - the true soul of eating. Helmed by Singaporean Executive Chef Haikal Johari, who has a distinguished culinary career in some of the finest restaurants in the region. Chef Haikal marries his training in European cuisine with hearty Asian flavours and ingredients to create exceptional modern European dishes with Asian influences.

In my previous post, I was dazzled by the Chef's Gastronomic Lunch Menu. Six months later, I am having their Aventure Dinner menu.

The Signature Potato Bread by Alma, baked beautifully with coffee beans. Using dehydrated potato powder from the US, the bread was first steamed before baking to retain its moisture in the centre. As advised by Butter Artisan Jean-Yves Bordier, use only the butter knife’s smooth flat side, or top to spread butter on toast. Dollop a chunk of butter as if we eat it like foie gras and pat it on delicately. That way, we have all the taste, all the texture and full expression of flavour.

Chutoro | Dashi | Ponzu | Amur Caviar
A medium-fat tuna belly sandwiched between Amur Caviar and citrus-based Ponzu jelly. Put the entire snack into your mouth and enjoy the refreshing multi-flavour snack to start the Aventure dinner menu.

Hamaguri Clams | Mornay | Fermented Truffle | Tomme de Savoie
The Hamaguri clams with Mornay sauce (cheesy white sauce) encased in crispy Yam ball, topped with a thin slice semi-firm Tomme de Savior cheese and Tobiku (flying fish roe).

Alma Foie Gras Toast | Meringue | Green Apple | Nori
Inspired by Singapore's Kaya Toasts, the foie gras topped with grape jam and nori sandwiched between two pieces of meringue squares. Curated using Nespresso coffee, the toast was innovative, flavourful and interesting presentation. 

Pertuis Asparagus | Fukuoka Peas | Balsamic | Granite (Flavoured Ice)
Custard made of asparagus from Pertuis, France with Fukuoka Pea Sauce, paired with Bafun Uni (sea urchin), smoked Japanese sea salt and a refreshing Granite (flavoured ice) made up of fruits and vegetables.

Hokkaido Asparagus | Amur Caviar | Hazelnut | Blood Orange
A pair of beautiful white asparagus from Hokkaido served with Tua Tua Clam, toasted hazelnut chunks and blood orange in two ways (diced and gels) alongside mildly grainy, dark olive caviar from Amur river in China. Served with Pencil Asparagus Juice. The white asparagus has a milder and slightly bitter flavour as it has less sugar content.

Mazara Prawns | Amaou Strawberries | Tomatoes | Beetroot
Strawberries, tomatoes and beetroot all three presented differently that pique your curiosity. The sweet refreshing tomato juice encased in an orb that bursts with flavour. The orb lies on a slice of beetroot, atop the mazara ebi sashimi. This prawn dish is served alongside with Tomato Mousse, Amaou Strawberry Sphere, Japanese Micro Tomato, Beetroot Custard, and Sorbet. Refreshing dish with a variety of texture and fruity flavour.

Foie Gras | Mazaki Mango | Sake Lees | Daikon
Foie Gras Terrine paired with a Sake Lees Gel, Miyazaki Mango, with Daikon and oil

Gillardeau Oyster | Smoke Cream | Wasabi | Green Apples
A dish most suitable for Oyster Lovers. 

Amadai | Parsnip | Spinach | Saffron Bisque
The Amadai or Red Tilefish is unique because its scale can be eaten. The scales flaked up when grilled, fried or pan fried, to give an extra level of texture that discerning chefs look for in a dish. The moist and tender fillet sat on a serving of freshly prepared crab meat and served with Saffron Bisque.

Sakura Masu | Parsnip | Mustard Seeds | Vin Jaune
Cooked using the the tradition French cooking method, the confited fish was most

Confited Sakura Masu served with Parsnip Puree, Pickled Mustard Seeds and Beetroot Puree. Topped with Smoked Ikura: Smoked Veloute.

Pyrenees Lamb | Ramson | Saffron | Brown Garlic
Binchotan Grilled Pyrenees Lamb (Rack & Saddle) with Morsel, Ramson, Charred Baby Eggplant coated with Miso Cheese, Pan Seared Sato Imo and whole Snap Peas and Puree. Served with Saffron and Brown Garlic Sauce.

A5 Kumamoto Beef | Morels | Lily Bulb | Yuzu Kosho

Amaou Strawberry | Jasmine | Almond | Jin Xuan Tea
Amaou Strawberry Sour Plum Sorbet Dessert. Beneath hidden with Diced Japanese Strawberry, Jasmine Flower Panna Cotta, and Jelly made of Premium Taiwanese Jin Xuan ata. Paired with Chantilly Cream and Almond Foam.

Chocolate in a stone-like orb | Blackout Sesame Tart | Meringue with spicy flavour | Signature Gula Jawa

Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221
Price: $$$$ Each pax cost S$298, excluding taxes. 
Rating: 4/5