Andong Jjimdak & Seafood Tteokjjim (안동찜닭&해물떡찜), Seoul, South Korea


Jjimdak (떡찜) is a braised chicken dish. A variety is jjim, the dishes are generally steamed, stewed or braised in a sauce, and dak means chicken. Popularised in Andong, this dish tastes like the the Chinese braised chicken (黄焖鸡). 

We started with the Andong Jjimdak with seafood for two pax at KRW33,000. Total damages, including two bowls of steamed rice and beverages, is KRW39,000. We came back again and had Andong Jjimdak (chicken only) with rice cakes and steamed rice. 

In the seafood dish, there were prawns, mussels, whole baby squids, and a crab. Both dishes served with potato chunks, onions and carrot slices. The sauce itself had mildly spicy and sweet. 

Between steamed rice bowl and rice cakes, we recommend steamed rice bowl. Drizzle the sauce into your rice and enjoy the rich aromatic jjimdak sauce in every rice grain. The rice cakes were thick and dense and it did not absorb the sauce, hence, it was a little lacking. 

Address: Starfield Coex Mall, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $ (USD 0 - USD 50)
Recommended Dish/es: Andong Jjimdak with Steamed Rice