BUONA TERRA, 1-Michelin-Starred Italian Restaurant, Singapore

Nestled in a tranquil colonial building along Scotts Road, Buona Terra’s boutique space weaves an intimate space with simple, yet elegant, interior furnishings. A fine-dining restaurant helmed by Chef Denis Lucchi, serves contemporary Italian cuisine, creating reinterpretations with more complex and intense flavours than the traditional dishes. Five-course Omakase Lunch Menu For starters, we were welcomed by some freshly baked homemade breads and served along with Italian artisanal butter and olive oil. The bread basket is a delightful combination of Sourdough, Onion Focaccia, and Dried Tomato Soft Roll. All three flavours of bread go very well with the creamy butter. Starters (1) Squid Ink Tart, Avocado, Crabs, Tomato Gelatin (2) Cuttlefish Salad (3) Just Tomato The five-course lunch experience begins with a delightful trio of starters: (1) Squid Ink Tart featuring fresh zesty crab meat, avocado and clear tomato gelatin served in blackened tart shell; (2) Cuttlefish salad served in c

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