Earl Grey Tea: The Hits and Misses, Singapore

Do you know that the global bubble tea market size was USD 2.02 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 3.93 billion by the end of 2027? Social media has played a major part in the increasing popularity of bubble tea from KOI, LiHO, Hey Tea , Happy Lemon , etc. In this post, we will focus on one flavoured tea - Earl Grey.  The Earl Grey Tea is a 200-year-old blend which is most widely defined as a black tea that has been flavoured with the oil of bergamot. So, what falls into the category of flavoured teas? It includes any type of tea - white, green, oolong, black - that has been scented or flavoured with fruits, flowers, spices, oils, extracts, and natural or artificial flavours. Like this centurion blend, its prime flavouring is bergamot, a type of citrus fruit similar to the Meyer Lemon. The flavour profile is described as very floral, with a distinct lemon-y citrus with a little bit of grapefruit.  There are numerous stories how the Earl Grey blend is originated. One history

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