Speed-Travelling Weekend Getaway - Guangzhou, China

With China relaxing its borders after the pandemic, we flew to Guangzhou - our first destination over the weekend. Our last visit to Guangzhou was in 2015. It is about time that we visit the beautiful and flourishing city. Day 1: Arrival and Get Acquainted with the City We arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (广州白云国际机场) on Saturday morning. We took the subway to the nearest station where our accommodation is located. We stayed at the Oakwood Premier Guangzhou (广州方圆奥克伍德豪景酒店公寓) which is like a business hotel. The hotel is strategically located in the Tianhe District - a new city centre and business district of Guangzhou. The Tianhe district is thriving with many new developments, including skyscrapers and luxurious shopping malls. We took the subway and alighted at 体育西路站. We walked to our all-time favourite restaurant Waipojia (外婆家) . A restaurant-chain across China, the branch nearest to the hotel accommodation is located at 马场路 36号 天河领展广场 6楼. The walk was more than an hour

Andong Jjimdak & Seafood Tteokjjim (안동찜닭&해물떡찜), Seoul, South Korea

Chloris Tea Room, Seoul, South Korea

NAUI GAYA Korean Restaurant, Seoul, South Korea

Misari Milbit Chogyeguksu (미사리밀빛초계국수), Seoul, South Korea

Ippudo, Singapore

RISE, a neighbourhood cafe serving artisanal bakes and beverages, Singapore

Alma by Juan Amador - An Aventure-ous Dinner Menu, Singapore