Where and what to eat at Flushing, Queens, United States

You are in New York City and wonder where and what to eat. How about considering Flushing, Queens? This neighbourhood is one of the four largest central business districts in New York City. Some 20% of population in Flushing are Asians. You will definitely be spoilt for food choices. 

There are many authentic Asian cuisines that are within walking distance and you definitely do not need to drive a car to go between food places. All I can say is that it is liveable and accessible neighbourhood. 

Good food all housed in one place

In recent years, food malls have mushroomed in neighbourhood of Flushing. The food malls offer a variety of delicious, authentic Chinese cuisine that are both affordable and delicious. 

[1] New York Food Mall 
At 古城小灶, you can order Chinese pancakes wrapped with eggs and scallions. Very similar to Roti Canai, it is a popular snacks. 

老妈麻辣香锅 is a very popular dish to many, especially if you love hot and spicy food. After selecting the ingredients, the kitchen will cook according to your level of spiciness. Best eaten with steamed white rice.

[2]New World Food Mall
  • At New World Food Mall, you can find delicious and cheap food, just like AA Plaza, which used to occupy under the Flushing LIRR station. If you are on a tight budget, the noodles and the other foods are your best choice. 

If you are on a tight budget and want to have a full hearty meal, how about buying takeouts at New World Mall? Located at the ground level entrance along Main Street, there is a food kiosk that sells economical food such as fried noodles, hot soups, savouries, steamed buns and so on.

Epicurean Asian Restaurants

Pho Hoang Vietnamese Cuisine and BBQ (阿宏越南牛肉河粉) serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine and Cantonese roasted meat. A popular joint where local and tourists alike enjoyed the food immensely. 

Bubble Tea is a popular Taiwanese beverage which has become popular in United States in recent years. Kungfu Tea, one of the more popular Bubble Tea chains, has about 20 stores in New York City. 

If you are dining alone or too lazy to cook, you may buy a great meal at Lunch Box. Lunch Box offers a wide variety of freshly prepared dishes to your choosing.

Biang! (Chinese cuisine)

If you miss or love Xi'an food, why not try Biang!? The name of Biang was derived from the sound of the noodle dough slammed onto the workspace. Established in late 2005, it offers Xi'an cuisine such as signature hand-pulled noodles, burgers, and so on. 

Kimganae Korean Restaurant (Korean cuisine)

Next to Chung Moo Rice Roll, Kimganae offers a wide range of Korean dishes such as Spicy Rice Cakes, Korean Sushi and so on. 

White Bear Dumplings (Shanghainese cuisine)

After reading rave reviews about White Bear (白熊), I visited the store to try their famous dumplings and noodles. Just five minutes away from the Flushing Subway Station, you will notice a small restaurant with only four tables along Roosevelt Ave. At times, you will also notice long queues at the restaurant. 

Corner 28 (Cantonese cuisine)

Corner 28 is a restaurant-cum-marketplace in Flushing. At the ground floor, there are many food kiosks selling different kinds of food from Peking Duck Steamed Bun to fried rice. 

66 Lu's Seafood (Taiwanese cuisine)

At 66 Lu's Seafood, you can enjoy Taiwanese food away from home. A simple restaurant offering a variety of Taiwanese dishes that you will not miss home.

Rose House (European Afternoon High Tea cuisine)

Founded by Robert Huang in 1990, the Rose House was conceptualised based on his great liking for roses, English afternoon tea, pottery and the art of the rose. A celebrated artist, Huang combined his love for roses and English-style afternoon tea to create a leisure space for busy professionals. Today, Rose House has strong footings locally and internationally.

Bangkok Thai (Thai cuisine)

Located in the heart of Flushing, Queens, New York, Bangkok Thai is said to be highly rated and the "best in Queens". 

Ajisen (Japanese cuisine)

Established in 1968, Kyushu, Japan, Ajisen is one of the best Japanese ramen in the world. With more than 600 outlets around the world, the restaurant has its footings in New York.

Namoodol still surprises me with its delicious, high quality of food after seven years. The restaurant is located in the Korean supermarket - H Mart along Union Street. Enter via the supermarket entrance and the restaurant is located at the far end of the supermarket.

Manhattan is a home to many aromas, but the most savoury scent that emanates from the city's numerous halal food carts. These carts serves a box full of lamb or chicken or both with rice that is worth raving for.

Ranked 99 of 366 restaurants at Flushing, Queens in Tripadvisor.com, we decided to try dim sum at New Pacific today. It is quite accessible and easy to locate from Flushing Main Street Subway Station. There are a lot of dim sum restaurants in Flushing, Queens but we decided to try out this restaurant for a start.