New Pacific Chinese Cuisine, New York, United States

Ranked 99 of 366 restaurants at Flushing, Queens in, we decided to try dim sum at New Pacific today. It is quite accessible and easy to locate from Flushing Main Street Subway Station. There are a lot of dim sum restaurants in Flushing, Queens but we decided to try out this restaurant for a start.

Price: Affordable. We ordered five different items and two cans of diet coke on a hot Sunday afternoon. By the time we were done, we were too full to order more. We paid USD20 for the entire meal.
Quality: Each item was freshly prepared. The Shumais were fresh and I could taste the succulent prawns. Yummy! The rice noodle roll was superb that I ate two portions of rice noodle rolls. Oops! The chicken steamed buns were equally delicious. All in all, we were grasping numerous ‘WOOs’ and 'AHs' as we took each bite.
Store layout: Like a typical seafood restaurant, New Pacific has an oriental feel. The staff were both attentive and polite. Be prepared to share table if you were to come in a small group. We like the service we received and will come back again.

"Oops! I started eating and forgot to take pictures. My half eaten pork dumpling with chives."
"I will puff and puff... the puffy chicken steamed buns"
"fresh prawns in Shumai... you simply cannot resist."
"ah.. spare ribs... fleshy lean meat - great for those who dislike fatty meat."

"Yummy! my favorite. Great sauce as well."

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Address: 37-17 Prince Street, Queens, NY 11354, USA
Tel: 718-886-0388
Website: NA
Overall rating: 4/5