Zhejiang Cuisine at Kwei Mun Lung (桂滿隴), Nanjing

Located at Desheng Shopping Mall, Kwei Mun Lung (桂滿隴) was equally popular as Nanjing Impressions (南京大排档). Similar to Grandma's Kitchen (外婆家), the restaurant serves Hangzhou-based cuisine (杭帮菜).

Kwei Mun Lung advocates six classic flavours such as spicy mala, tomato, green pepper, black pepper, rich fragrance sauce paste, and curry, etc, satisfying the taste buds of diners. 

Before opening hours at 11am, there is already a crowd outside the restaurant, waiting for their number to be called. Prior to that, customers will first get a Q-number first.

We were extremely lucky to get a table almost immediately as we arrived very early. Already, there were people in the restaurant and the restaurant was already three-quarters filled.

One of the notable Zhejiang dishes - Dongpo Pork (RMB15).

Cold Noodles with Chicken Shreds (鸡丝凉面), priced at RMB 28.

Egg Custard Steamed Buns (黑金流沙包), priced at RMB 18.

Fried Onions and Chives (蔥烤蔥煎), priced at RMB 22.

Brown Sugar with Mochi (红糖麻吉), priced at RMB 18.

Fried Crayfish (胡味油爆虾), priced at RMB 48.

Another notable Zhejiang flavour, PianErChuan Noodles (杭州片儿川)

Beggar's Chicken (叫花童子鸡), priced RMB 88.

Address: 江苏省南京市玄武区新街口中山路18号, 基广场一期7层, 18 Zhongshan Road, Deji Plaza, Level 7
Price: $
Rating: 4/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 5/5
Ambience: An ancient setting with delicious Zhejiang cuisine