Family Mart @ One Link Walk, Guangzhou

Unlike any 7-11s or Cheers in Singapore, I am always fascinated by the outlets in Taiwan and China. They operate differently and I love it immensely.

I went to the Family Mart, similar to 7-11s at One Link Walk. We bought many snacks and beverages to try out. I really hope that such services can be made available in Singapore.

Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea (王老吉凉茶) was recommended in one of the travel sites when I conducted a research about Guangzhou. We automatically thought that it would be a medical hall selling herbal tea. After searching high and low, we finally found it at the Family Mart. Apparently, it was so easily accessible. We were surprised when we tried the beverage. Initially, we thought that it would be extremely bitter. Instead, it was sweet and palatable to our tastes. My partner does not drink bitter beverages. (Food Rating: 3/5)

I have no idea what this noodles called. However, I can boldly say that it is delicious. The noodles was cooked on the spot by the staff. Then she added fish balls(鱼蛋) with mild curry. Actually, you can choose the level of spiciness. We asked for mild spicy. (Food Rating: 4/5)

I bought a little cute Lamb Steamed Bun (卡通小羊包) out of impulse when I saw it in the steamer. It was so cute that I could not resist. There was also a panda but was sold out. In the cute steamed bun, the filling was lotus seed paste. I like it very much. However, I was reluctant to eat the face of the lamb, fearing that I might 'hurt' the lamb. (Food Rating: 3/5)

Since Guangzhou is famous for its dim sum, I cannot just try the shaomais in the restaurants. So, we gave a test in the Family Mart. We bought four pieces of steamed shaomai (干蒸烧卖). It was very disappointing. It was not delicious and lacked something. The colour was dull. (Food Rating: 2/5)

Hung Fook Tung Mango Pulp with Pomelo Drink (鸿福堂杨枝甘露) caught our eyes when we were browsing for beverages. It was Mango Pulp and it must have tasted good. Yes, it does. It was pulpy. I like it very much and will definitely buy again the next time. Note: this drink will not quench your thirst so buy a bottle of water too. (Food Rating: 3/5)

I am not sure how to describe this interesting food. There was a rectangular container which was divided into six departments. Each department would have sticks of one kind of food items. In local terms, it is called Ondeh Ondeh. For instance, a stick with prawn balls. All of them were soaked in water or broth. So what did we do? We ordered the food items we liked and they were put into the cup. We also ordered curry fish balls. It was fun and it was also my first time ordering it. (Food Rating: 3/5)

Family Mart  ijustwantfood Critics’ Pick  ★★
Basement 1, 232-2 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510620
Atmosphere Family Mart is similar to 7-11. Takeaways only. 
Sound You can chat with your friend without losing your voice. 
Recommended Dishes Ondeh Ondeh
Price $ (affordable)
Open -
Reservations No reservations allowed
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