Yen Ching, Boston, United States

Whenever you have cravings for Chinese food or have a tight purse strings, why not go to Yenching at Harvard Square. Yenching was one of the best Chinese restaurants in Cambridge area. Their friendly staff are very willing to recommend some of their popular dishes if you are not sure what to order.

Yenching was one of my regular Chinese restaurants when I was in Boston. The food was not only delicious but also the restaurant gave you a warm feeling as if you were home. I recalled clearly when I went to the restaurant to order a takeway on a cold winter night. The owner who manned the counter was very friendly. He greeted me and noticed that I was shivering from the cold. Without much thought, he offered me a glass of hot Chinese tea while I waited for my takeaway. This simple gesture warmed my heart immensely. The relationship or bonding that Yenching created would keep customers coming back. :D

Back to my review, I came to Yenching with my mum for lunch. We ordered the daily luncheon combination. This combination included a side dish, soup and steamed rice or hot and sour soup. That day was a Friday and the restaurant was serving diced chicken cooked in Yunan style, sweet and sour fish, and vegetarian's delight of broccoli. This daily luncheon combination cost us USD 5.25 each. The luncheon was not only affordable (within your budget) but also came in huge servings that fill your stomach.

  • The food comes in huge portions. If you cannot finish the food, you can ask to pack the food as takeaway. 
  • Be prepared to wait because the restaurant is usually crowded during lunch / dinner hours.

Sweet and Sour Fish was cooked differently here. It was like fritters in ketchup sauce. I could not say that I disliked it. However, it was not what I expected for a sweet and sour fish back home. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

When the entree arrived, both my mum and I were in a shock. The serving was huge and both of us could only finish one person's portion. We had to ask to pack the other. I liked the diced chicken as it was perfectly cooked. The fried rice with egg was ordinary but it was still nice. The vegetarian delight came with a huge serving of broccoli. Overall, the entree was nice. But I would like the rice to be more granular.

I loved their Spring Rolls for side dish. It was very similar to the ones back in Singapore. I had tried other spring rolls in Boston and Yenching was one of the best. (Food Rating: 3/5)

As we ordered two daily luncheon combinations, we were entitled to a soup for each person. I always loved  Hot & Sour Soup. Because it was both spicy and sour, the soup somehow whetted my appetite. Yenching's Hot & Sour Soup was delicious. I loved it.  (Food Rating: 3.5/5)

Egg drop soup was one of my favourites when I was in Boston. A simple chicken broth soup with egg was very nutritious. Although it was my favourite, I had to control my intake due to health reasons. Egg drop soup, you rock!!! (Food Rating: 4/5)

Address: 1326 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02138
Price: USD: $
Rating: 3/5