Alma by Juan Amador, a 1-Michelin-starred Asian-inspired European cuisine, Singapore

Alma by Juan Amador is a one Michelin-starred restaurant for 5 consecutive years, since 2016. Alma, which is Spanish for soul, brings to the table an unforgettable experience with outstanding dishes shared over great conversations and ambience - the true soul of eating. Helmed by Singaporean Executive Chef Haikal Johari, who has a distinguished culinary career in some of the finest restaurants in the region. Chef Haikal marries his training in European cuisine with hearty Asian flavours and ingredients to create exceptional modern European dishes with Asian influences.

I was dazzled by the Chef's Gastronomic Lunch Menu. After trying a series of one-Michelin-starred restaurants, this is one of the best restaurants I've enjoyed so far.

Chef's Gastronomic Lunch Menu

For snacks,
Smoked Barramundi | Yellow Beets, Yuzu and Tomato (from front to back)
A nice and comforting snacks to start work. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Alma Foie Gras Toast | Meringue, grapes and nori
Inspired by Singapore's Kaya Toasts, the foie gras topped with grape jam and nori sandwiched between two pieces of meringue squares. It was interesting, innovative, decent and delicious. (Food rating: 4/4)

Kamasu | Burnt Brocolli, green olives and tom yum
A garden salad in a cup seasoned with tom yum marinade. The salad had a nice twist to it. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Bafun Uni | Capellini, Hijiki, Amur Caviar
A version of Angel's hair pasta prepared with Bafun Uni (red uni), prawns and other delicious ingredients. The seafood was generous and

Chef's popular Classic Cold Capellini Appetiser that comes with luxurious ingredients: Bafun Uni, Boston Lobster and Russian Oscietra Caviar. Served with Yuzu and Hijiki Dressing. This dish has been serving in Bangkok since chef curated during his early days.

Chutoro | Kalamata Olives, Beetroot Jelly, Horseradish
Chutoro is a part of tuna that provides both a meaty and a fatty texture. This small amount of fish takes a whole fish to make one chutoro sashimi. This dish has a nice sweetness from the tuna and beautiful fragrance coming from the olives, beetroot and horseradish. (Food rating: 4/5)

Nama Sujiko | Amela Tomato, Tofu, Yuzu
Prepared using tomato essence made from Japanese Amela Tomatoes, Tofu cream with goat cheese. Topped with marinated fresh Ikura and decorated with edible fresh flowers. An inspiration by the love of Japanese food and want to present an unconventional way by pairing Japanese produce with goat cheese and another form of tofu in terms of creamy texture.

Balmain Bug | Capsicum, Saffron and Galangal
The Balmain Bug, a species of slipper lobster. Another interpretation of classic French bouillabaisse fish stew by using Asian ingredients to present this slipper lobster which has been lightly seared. This dish is served with saffron potato espuma and emulsion of blue swimmer crab, blue ginger, turmeric, and tamarind. The "red leather" is made using red capsicum juice, dehydrated, and sprinkled with capsicum powder and chilli.

Horsehair Crab | Chestnut, Almond and Russian Caviar

Boston Lobster | Chili, Dashi and Kombu

Kumamoto A5 Beef | Chervil Root, Onions, Madeira

Koshihkari Rice | Miso, Sweet Potatoe, White Truffles

Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221
Price: $$$
Rating: 4.5/5