Violet Oon Singapore - A Peranankan Restaurant

Nestled within Jewel Changi Airport, Violet Oon Singapore boasts to bring us our favourite Singapore and Nyonya dishes redefined using the finest ingredients and spices enjoyed in an elegant and luxurious ambience. 

The Dry Laksa, priced at S$26, was Laksa redefined 2.0. Laksa is typically served with thick rice noodles with spicy curry coconut milk. At Violet Oon, it was served dry - the pasta style. The Dry Laksa was made of fresh rice noodles tossed in Violet's Laksa gravy, topped with prawns, fried beancurd and prawns. Frankly, this Laksa was very refreshing and the way it was reinvented. I liked the sauce - rich and fragrant. Coupled with the thick noodles, this dish is impeccable. The ingredients were fresh and the prawns were crispy. (Food rating: 4/5)

Chap Chye, priced at S$16, is a classic festive dish of braised mixed vegetables and beancurd skin in a rich rich prawn bisque. Chap means a mixture of everything and Chye means vegetables in general. This dish is commonly served to welcome the lunar new year. This dish was very well prepared. The vegetables were very soft and braised for many hours. The rich prawn bisque was evident and there was a nice fragrance. The ingredients were freshly prepared and the dining experience was pretty good. (Food rating: 3/5)

A popular fried beancurd dish in Singapore, the Tauhu Goreng is served with fried tofu on a bed of cucumber strips and bean spouts topped with Violet's signature sweet and tangy peanut sauce. Priced at S$11. The sweet and tangy sauce whet my appetite and it was rather addictive. I kept aiming for the sauce with the vegetable garden. The tamarind juice gave an edge to the dish. (Food rating: 3/5/5)

Priced at S$16, the Chicken Satay is made of chicken chunks marinated in spices, grilled and served with a spicy peanut sauce topped with grated pineapple, steamed rice cakes, cucumber and red onion chunks. 

The chicken chunks were succulently served and each bite was extremely enjoyable. The spicy peanut sauce topped with grated pineapple was a good combination. The spicy peanut sauce was subdued by the sweet grated pineapple. In Singapore, Hainanese satays are served in peanut sauce together with grated pineapple. The steamed rice cakes were beautiful but they lacked fragrance from the woven coconut leaves. Traditional Ketupats is glutinous rice cakes in woven coconut leaves cooked in a pot of coconut milk and pandan leaves until it becomes rich and fragrant. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

About Violet Oon
Violet Oon is a Singaporean Chef, resturanteur, and a food writer. She is known for her food columns, cookbooks and restaurants specialising in Peranakan cuisine.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, #01-205, Singapore 819666
Pricing: $$ (The price went to the elegant dining ambience and its high-class brand name). 
Food rating: 3.5/5 
Recommended dish(es): Dry Laksa, Tauhu Goreng, Chicken Satay.