[Home Delivery] Peanut Pancakes - one of the iconic snacks in Singapore

This peanut pancake from Win Win Pancakes (双赢面煎果) was first introduced in my blog in 2014. It has since been my favourite stall to buy pancakes. If you think that the pancakes from Mr Bean or Jolibean are delicious, you are definitely missing the best. 

Another post was made in 2016. The comments / feedback on the pancakes were consistent. The pancakes were delicious and it has a nice texture and crust. 

In 2021, my verdict is still the same. Compared to the other brands or local stalls I've bought in years, this was still the best. The crust was smooth and crispy. It was then soft and moist inside. The peanuts were crushed peanuts, not peanut butter. The red bean paste was less sweet compared to other brands or stalls I have tried. Some pancakes were even very porous that that they were limp and full of craters. 

I found out that Win Win Peanut Pancakes on GrabFood now!! I can now have my pancakes with my fingers doing the walking... COOL!!

Address: S11 Coffeeshop, #01-170, 34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 050034
Price: $ (If you buy 10 pieces, you will get one extra for free. It is a good deal to have a simple snack / tea between meals.)
Food Rating: 4/5 ★★★★
Recommended dishes: Peanut pancake, and Red Bean pancake.