[People's Park Complex Food Centre] - Dong Dong Hainanese Chicken Rice. Singapore

Located within the People's Park Complex Food Centre, Dong Dong Hainanese Chicken Rice sells steamed chicken rice prepared using the Hainanese way that will appeal Chicken Rice lovers.

A brand under Gao Ji Food, this stall has endless line of customers queuing to have a chicken rice meal.

Highly recommended by a friend, we ordered half a portion of steamed Chicken over fragrant rice, and braised beancurd and egg.

The steamed chicken was extremely tender and every piece of chicken meat melted into our mouths. The biggest test was the chicken breast, which was often dry and tough. To my surprise, the breast meat was moist and succulent. I sang praises of the meat every time I put a piece into my mouth. (Food rating: 5/5)

Besides their ever-popular steamed chicken, Dong Dong serves braised beancurd (Tau Kwa) and hard-boiled eggs. The sauce was excellent and the tau kwa blew me away. The tau kwa must have simmered in the dark sauce for hours, giving it a nice fragrance. The egg was freshly prepared and when eaten with the sauce, it was awesome! (Food rating: 4/5)

However, the fragrant rice made from ginger and chicken stock could have better texture. The rice was slightly wet that was missing that right chewy texture. No matter how, the rice was still a great combination with the steamed chicken. (Food rating: 3/5)

Address: 32 New Market Road, Singapore 050032
Price: $
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended dishes: Steamed Chicken over Rice