Traditional Peanut Pancake relives the past, Singapore

Peanut pancake, also known as "Mang Chang Kueh" in Hokkien, is an old-fashioned breakfast food and all-day snack. Translated literally, "Ming Jiang Kueh" is Teochew for 'flour pan-fried cake'. 

Mang Chang Kueh is made by pouring batter on a flat round pan to make a large pancake. When cooked, roasted crushed peanut mixed with sugar is sprinkled all over the pancake. It is then folded over to create a half-moon and then cut into smaller pieces. 

Other fillings such as red bean paste and grated coconut are also available. However, the most popular is still the original peanut version.

Although the batter was dense, the peanut pancake was still soft and chewy. Thick and chewy, this Mang Chang Kueh was indeed old-fashioned or old school. The crushed peanuts had a rustic quality as well. The owner was extremely fastidious about the batter and the quality of the peanut. He took pride for every pancake he made. Roasted to a deep brown colour, the crushed peanut had a nice smoky scent. He was very heavy-handed with the peanut filling. The amount of sugar in the peanut mix was spot on. Priced at S$0.80 per piece, the pancake was cheap and delicious.

The red paste was prepared and flattened so that it was easily placed on the pancake. The red bean paste was just nice - not too sweet.

Address: #01-170, 34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 050034
Price: $ (If you buy 10 pieces, you will get one extra for free)
Rating: 4/5
Recommendation: Peanut and Red Bean pancake.