Whampoo Keng - A restaurant that hires staff without discrimination

After the news of a dishwasher covered with benign rumors was asked to go by a diner spread on 15 November, many Singaporeans sought out to find out who the kind restaurant owner is. Recently, the owner cum a well-known local Cantopop Getai Singer, Sharon Kwan was revealed. 
She not only hired Jimmy Wee who suffers from a genetic condition which caused the growth of thousands of benign tumor on his body but also, she defended him when an unreasonable diner requested her to dismiss him, citing health concerns. Ms Kwan believes in hiring the less fortunate in society and has hired an overweight chef and elderly woman.

In support to Ms Kwan's cause and Jimmy, we patronised the restaurant, Whampoo Keng at 116 Rangoon Road. We ordered their popular fish head steamboat and other mouthwatering dishes. The restaurant has many loyal fans and the food and service were fabulous.

Braised Pork Trotters was rich and tender.

Sambal Kangkong cooked to perfection. The paste was spicy and fragrant. More importantly, the vegetable dish has a nice and rich wok aroma [锅气]cooked in high heat.

Claypot Chicken in Indonesian Style - was great. The chicken marinade was sweet and the meat was tender.

Address: 116 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218394
Price: $$ [We spent a total of SGD120]
Rating: 4/5
Recommendations: Fish Head Steamboat, Sambal Kangkong, Chicken Claypot in Indonesian Style, and Braised Pork Trotters. 
Ambience: A nice and friendly ambience with clean cultery. Easy to chat with friends without screaming.
Service: The service staff were attentive and friendly that you feel comfortable dining.