Tung Lok XiHe Peking Duck [同樂 .羲和] @ Orchard Central, Singapore

A culinary collaboration between TungLok Group and Beijing's renowned XiHe Group, TungLok XiHe Peking Duck offers a delectable spread of great Chinese cuisine reinterpreted for the modern era.

Both TungLok and XiHe are renowned for their commitment to authentic Chinese cuisine through innovative cooking and presentation methods. With a sophisticated interior that successfully combines the mystique of the East and chic of the West, indulge in the restaurant's signature dish - Peking Duck, a long-time favourite of all Chinese food lovers.

Roasted upon order, Peking Duck [北京鸭] (SGD66) serves the famed, premium quality London duck from Ireland's Silver Hill Farm. TungLok XiHe is proud to be the first in Singapore to serve it the traditional Peking style. The unique preparation and curing processes which take three days, its precise roasting duration and served with a special 8-treasure condiments platter, the restaurant's Peking Duck is undoubtedly the best in the city.

The chef cuts the duck into three main parts - The crispy roasted skin, the breast meat and the tender drumsticks. The meat is eaten with scallion strips, cucumber strips and hoisin sauce with pancakes rolled around the fillings. You may even dip the meat with sugar that enhances the taste. Most importantly, the duck was roasted to perfection, leaving no bitter aftertaste. However, compared to Paradise Pavilion, the duck tasted normal. Despite its tender and juicy meat, the duck lacked fragrance. (Food rating: 3/5)

[1] The glossy roasted duck skin

[2] The tender and juicy duck thigh meat - Best for the wrap

[3] The tender Duck Breast

(1) Place the cucumber and scallion strips on the pancake wrap
(2) Add the duck meat to the spread
(3) Drizzle some hoisin sauce for the added taste
(4) Wrap into a roll

Wok-fried French Beans, Bacon and Clams with Chilli Paste [培根蛤肉四季豆] (SGD14) may look ordinary but it was yummy. The bacon strips have fragrance without being overtly salty. The French Beans were crunchy, which were delightful. (Food rating: 4/5)

Braised Spinach Beancurd with Monkey Head Mushroom [猴头菇扒翡翠豆腐] (SGD16) was delish. The tender soft beancurd topped with mashed spinach were yummy. The ginger floss were extremely good, especially when you chewed it longer. (Food rating: 3/5)

Rose Cherry Tomatoes [玫瑰小番茄] (SGD10) look like cherries. We know how good it can be and how people may dislike its raw taste. These rose cherry tomatoes surprised us as they did not have the usual vegetable-like taste. Instead, they were sweet with pleasant floral aroma. Served with their skins peeled, these little red balls exploded in your mouth as if they had tiny pockets of water. Because of its sweetness, I wondered if they were soaked in rose or plum water that made each tomato tasted so sweet and with a nice floral fragrance. Suitable to be served as a palate cleanser, these tomatoes reset our sense of taste, allowing us to taste the true flavours of the next dish. This was the highlight of the entire dining experience. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Sichuan-style Wok-fried Sweet and Sour Pork Strips [鱼香肉丝] (SGD14) is commonly found on my page. Often than not, I referred the one at Jin De Lai Zhong Hua La Mian [金得来中华拉面] that tasted more sour-sweet from the fish sauce. At TungLok XiHe, the pork strips tasted very ordinary at first bite. As you continue to savour the pork strips, you could taste the sweet and sour taste and a tint of spicy taste at the back of your throat. Interestingly, the dish was sprinkled with black and white sesame to give that extra oomph. (Food rating: 3/5)

The total damage was SGD157 for two persons. Each person will be about SGD79.

Address: Orchard Central, #07-07/08/09, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Price: $$
Rating: 4/5
Ambiance: The interior decor was modern contemporary. Tables for two are located along the veranda that allow customers to enjoy the scenic landscape and ambrosial food. Some of the tables had blind spots that often need more attention.
Recommendations: Peking Duck [北京鸭]; Braised Spinach Beancurd with Monkey Head Mushroom [猴头菇扒翡翠豆腐]; Wok-fried French Beans, Bacon and Clams with Chilli Paste [培根蛤肉四季豆]