Paradise Pavilion, Singapore (Food rating: 4/5)

Address: 8A Marina Boulevard, #02-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre (Ground Plaza), Singapore 018984
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4/5

Enclave in the Marina Bay Financial Centre, Paradise Pavilion is one of the concepts under the Paradise Group. Located at the second level, the neo-classical ambience brings out the the dining experience to the next level.

Together with close family members, we had a scrumptious reunion dinner at Paradise Pavilion. Each dish always amazes me. I am always intrigued what they will surprise at my next visit.

Although we took up the set menu, we made some changes and additions to the menu. Everyone were satiated with the service and food.

Prosperity Swordfish & Salmon Yu Sheng (剑鱼,鲑鱼鱼生)  was sweet and tangy. The yu sheng had swordfish slices and salmon slices. (Food rating: 4/5)

In Asia, suckling pigs are eaten during important occasions. Pavilion Suckling Pig (烫手化皮乳猪) is usually part of the Lunar New Year set menu. This year, we have a suckling pig. The crispy skin was thinly sliced and put on a steamed flour crepe topped with cucumber and spring onion, sizzled with sweet sauce. The piglet skin was amazingly crispy and the delicious taste was brought out by the sweet sauce and crunchy vegetables. (Food rating: 4/5)

Next, we were served with Braised Superior Shark's Fin in Supreme Chicken Broth served in Japanese Stone Pot (浓汤石锅鲍翅). I could see the broth sizzling in the  piping hot stone pot. The long crispy savoury stick was a deep fried spring onion wrapped with egg roll skin. The taste was enriched when the stick was dipped into the broth. As for the broth, it contained a lot of collagen, presumably from Shark Cartilage or Chicken. The broth was very delicious. There was a generous serving of shark fins that came in chunks. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Next, Authentic Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck (功夫北京烤鸭) is one of the restaurant's specialty. The duck skin is thinly sliced and then wrapped with a piece of crepe and sweet sauce. The crepe with the duck skin was delectable. I could taste the nice apple wood aroma in the duck. The duck skin was crispy and I could even hear the crackling sound in my mouth. The duck meat slices were tender and juicy. Advised by the serving staff, we lightly dabbed the meat in sugar. The sugar brought out the aroma in the duck. (Food rating: 4/5)

Finally, seafood!! Sake-infused Sauteed Fresh Scallops with Scrambled Egg White (清酒雪花玉带) was served. This was only one dish that we left us unsatisfied. There were two slices of scallops with a larger portion of egg white topped with roe. However, the scallops were perfectly cooked. (Food rating: 3/5)

The Steamed Live Sea Garoupa in Supreme Soya Sauce (清蒸海星斑) surprised us. The fish was freshly prepared. The soya sauce was light and gave a tangy taste with the fish. The meat was crunchy and it totally blew us away. (Food rating: 4/5)

The last dish, Braised Vermicelli with Lobster and Chinese Wine in Superior Stock (上汤米酒龙虾浸面线), had everyone at the table satiated. The rich stock in Chinese wine was sweet. The lobster was huge and the meat was plenty. The vermicelli tasted great with broth. It was absolutely scrumptious. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

The first of the dessert, Deep-fried Sesame Pastry (煎堆仔), was served. Each of us were served with a piece of sesame pastry. The pastry was crispy in the outside and soft in the inside. The filling was white lotus paste and it was sweet and fragrant.

The grand finale was the Double-boiled Bird's Nest with Almond Cream served in Young Coconut (椰皇杏汁炖燕窝). It was amazingly delicious how the almond cream and coconut blended so well. I dislike almond cream but the combination had only a tint of almond taste. The bird's nest portion was generous. The dessert was also one of the highlights at the entire dinner experience. (Food rating: 4/5)