Ri Ri Hong Mala Hot Pot [日日红麻辣 香锅 特色煮炒] @ Peoples Park Complex Food Centre, Singapore

Similar to the local Yong Tau Foo food, you can select your favourite food items and your preference level of spiciness. The chefs will cook the ingredients with sauce [麻辣], which is both numbing and spicy at the same time. At People's Park Complex Food Centre, you will find many similar stalls, offering the mala hot pot in recent years. For one, you can try Ri Ri Hong Mala Hot Pot [日日红麻辣 香锅 特色煮炒].

This time, we ordered (1) Beancurd Skin; (2) Water Spinach (Kang Kong); (3) Golden Mushrooms; (4) Bean sprouts; (5) Vermicelli; (4) Beef slices; (5) Button Mushrooms; and (6) Tofu. At SGD13.50, the entire dish came with two bowls of steamed white rice. The sauce used Sichuan Red Peppers and other spices, adding rich aroma to the dish. Upon ordering, you are also expected to inform the staff on your level of preference - non-spicy, mild spicy, spicy, very spicy, and super spicy. My preference level was very spicy. (Food rating: 4/5)

Address: People's Park Complex Food Centre, #01-1152, 32 New Market Road, Singapore 050032
Price: $
Rating: 4/5