Traditional Peanut Pancake, Singapore (Food rating: 4/5)

Located near People's Park Food Centre, you'll find a simple stall that sells traditional vegetarian peanut pancake (面煎粿). Unlike the other pancakes I have eaten elsewhere, this owner makes pancakes that bring back fond memories. I remembered eating this kind of pancakes in my old neighbourhood. I suspect that that owner might have already retired.

Usually, I order two flavours - peanut and red bean paste pancakes. The crust of the pancake was crispy and the inside is soft. I had eaten many pancakes in Singapore but they were not as good as this stall. They were either too hard or too chewy or lacked fragrance. For the peanut pancake, the topping was grounded peanuts which tasted better and more fragrant than the creamy peanut butter. It was hard to resist the peanut fragrance. 

For those who hates mess, you can try the red bean pancake. The sweetness of the red bean paste was just nice. 

Selling at SGD0.80 or 80 cents each, there are three flavours - red bean paste, grounded peanuts and coconut flakes. When you buy ten pieces of pancake, you will get one free. Because of the delicious pancakes, you may have to wait for a little while for the freshly made pancakes.

I always love eating the pancakes from this stall. Whenever I am in Chinatown, I never fail to buy as many pieces as I can. Recently, I decided to buy a couple of pieces for my office. I was the first in line and ordered the last five pieces of red bean pancakes. Just at the right time, he was preparing the peanut cakes and I ordered the entire pan of pancakes, that makes 10 pieces. Those customers who came after me had to wait for the next batch of pancakes to cook which might take another 10-15 mins. I was lucky and quick at the same time. 

Address: Blk 34, Upper Cross Street, S11 Food Centre, Level 1, Singapore 50034
Price: $
Rating: 4/5
Stuffness Level: 2.5/5 per piece