Jumbo Seafood Gallery @ The Riverwalk, Singapore

Together with my best friend, we went to the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Clarke Quay but there was a very long queue line. So, we went to the other outlet - Jumbo Seafood Gallery - at The Riverwalk. The Riverwalk was located between Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. It was a building located between North Bridge Road and New Bridge Road. 

I wanted to give myself a good treat after a hectic work week. I had been curbing my cravings for black pepper crab for the longest time and have been thinking of it since a month ago. Last week, I tried to have a crab feast at Master Crab but their crabs are sold out. 

Almost immediately, we served by one of their staff and were informed that we had only 1.5 hours of dining time. They had a table reservation later. We took the table as we did not reckon ourselves to eat that long. The staff led us to a round table where there were three other couples waiting to order their meal. We were quick to order as we knew what we wanted to eat. We were utterly disappointed by the extreme poor food quality. Imagine that tourists come to this restaurant with great expectations to try the highly recommended Singapore Chilli Crab, the restaurant then serves such poor quality seafood. It not only reflects badly on the restaurant but also gave tourists a bad impression of the food. The only saving grace was its attentive serving staff who was prompt and meticulous. 

The disappointing dinner experience cost us $167.60. I regretted going to Jumbo Seafood restaurant for dinner. I would have fresher, meatier and more delicious crab feast if I were at Master Crab or other seafood restaurants in any neighbourhood. I will not patronise this restaurant or group ever again. 

Funny how the food photos that I have taken were lost. I just had to share my reviews...

I always love to eat Black Pepper Crab. During a crab feast, I never fail to order a Black Pepper crab.  At Jumbo, I ordered myself one crab. When it was served, the crab shells were smashed. To anyone, it would be easier for them to eat the meat. However, the shell was huge with little meat. I wondered what crab was used for this dish. The little meat was trivial. The most disappointing thing was that the crab meat was not fresh. The crab was neither firm and rich in taste, unlike fresh crab meat. The black pepper sauce somehow managed to mask the poor crab quality. Perhaps of the high turnover, the chefs could not cope and had to prepare the crabs first and kept in the refrigerator. Instead of firm and rich in taste, the crab lacked all of them.   This crab was SGD61.20, which was double the amount for such a crab in the neighbourhood areas. 

Chilli Crab was the most disappointing. Chilli Crab is one of Singapore's signature dishes. Every tourist will come to try this popular and highly recommended seafood dish. Despite the "excellent" price of $54.40, the meat was once again disappointing. They were not fresh at all. They had a rather strong fishy taste and the meat was tough. The strong fragrant chilli tomato sauce was not able to mask the strong fishy taste. To me, it was embarrassing to share a table with three groups of tourists who ordered crabs. Each group at my table and almost every table in the restaurant ordered the crab dish. I hope that the restaurant could improve its food quality. 

A simple deep fried beancurd or tofu topped with minced spinach was freshly prepared. Homemade Beancurd ($16.00) used fresh bean curd to prepare this simple dish. This was the most enjoyable and delicious dish I had dining at Jumbo Seafood Gallery. 

Jumbo Seafood Gallery  ijustwantfood Critics’ Pick  
The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-44/48, Singapore 058416
Atmosphere A popular tourist restaurant to try local seafood cuisine. Expect to share tables with people. 
Sound Bruising when everyone is talking at the same time.
Recommended Dishes -
Price $$ (not worth it)
Open -
Reservations No reservations allowed
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