Yong He Da Wang Braised Minced Meat over Rice (永和大王卤肉饭), Hangzhou, China

Yong He Da Wang Braised Minced Meat over Rice (永和大王卤肉饭) has a chain in Hangzhou. Originated from Taiwan, the chain restaurant is popular for its braised minced meat over rice and soy bean milk. Located at the entrance of Hefang Pedestrian Street, you can try Taiwanese food in Hangzhou.

I ordered a set menu - 大王卤肉饭(含烫高丽菜)+紫菜鱼丸汤 that comprised of braised minced meat over rice, poached white cabbage and fish ball in seaweed soup.

I like the seaweed soup. It was tasty and the fish balls were very chewy.

I like the braised minced meat over rice (卤肉饭). Although it originates from Taiwan, this is equally delicious when I ate it in Hangzhou. It goes to show that the quality is the same wherever they are located. The sweet minced meat went very well with the pearly white rice.

For beverage, I ordered a red bean soy bean milk (红豆豆浆). The viscosity of the milk was just nice and the sweetened red beans were delicious. It was a great blend.

Address: 8 Hua Guang Lu, WuShan ShangQuan, Shang Cheng Qu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310000 ‎(浙江省杭州市上城区华光路8号‎)
Price: $
Rating: 2.5/5