Xin Yuan Ji (新源记) @ Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore

Charcoal fish head steamboat and fish head vermicilli (mee hoon) soup are Xin Yuan Ji's  (新源记) specialties. Enclave in the food paradise around the Bugis area, the restaurant is located at Tan Quee Lan Street and serves various Asian delicacies.
As we made our orders, we raise a couple of eyebrows around us. We might have ordered too much food. If only two persons were eating, you may just order a hot pot. The other two sides may be too much. We could not finish all the food but we were very satisfied with the quality of food.

The sliced fish steamboat was a big pot. Most people ordered a hot pot for two but we ordered additional dishes on top of the hot pot. The hot pot was cooked with charcoal which was more traditional than using solid fuel. The hot comprise of chinese lettuce, tomatoes, green vegetables and fresh fish slices. The broth on the other hand was rich and sweet. It did not contain any MSG to enhance the broth. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

The Tofu with saucy minced meat  was delicious. The sauce had black bean soy sauce and it made the minced meat taste tangy. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

We ordered another meat dish, spare ribs. The sauce sizzled over the meat was tangy and delicious. (Food rating: 3/5)

Xin Yuan Ji (新源记)   ijustwantfood Critics’ Pick  ★★★
31 Tan Quee Lan St Singapore 188117
Atmosphere Nice air-conditioned restaurant but is a little cramped 
Sound Easy to talk to your guests without losing your voice
Recommended Dishes Sliced Fish Steamboat
Price $ (affordable) 
Open -
Reservations No reservations allowed
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