BUONA TERRA, 1-Michelin-Starred Italian Restaurant, Singapore

Nestled in a tranquil colonial building along Scotts Road, Buona Terra’s boutique space weaves an intimate space with simple, yet elegant, interior furnishings. A fine-dining restaurant helmed by Chef Denis Lucchi, serves contemporary Italian cuisine, creating reinterpretations with more complex and intense flavours than the traditional dishes.

Five-course Omakase Lunch Menu
For starters, we were welcomed by some freshly baked homemade breads and served along with Italian artisanal butter and olive oil. The bread basket is a delightful combination of Sourdough, Onion Focaccia, and Dried Tomato Soft Roll. All three flavours of bread go very well with the creamy butter.


(1) Squid Ink Tart, Avocado, Crabs, Tomato Gelatin

(2) Cuttlefish Salad

(3) Just Tomato

The five-course lunch experience begins with a delightful trio of starters: (1) Squid Ink Tart featuring fresh zesty crab meat, avocado and clear tomato gelatin served in blackened tart shell; (2) Cuttlefish salad served in crisp filo pastry ; (3) Just Tomato featuring cold Spanish-style tomato soup encased in hardened cocoa butter orb..

CAPACCIO Yellowtail Carpaccio, Citrus, Horseradish Snow
For the first course, a serving of fresh yellowtail carpaccio garnished with asparagus, and horseradish snow. The dish makes up for its multi-dimensional profile of smooth thinly sliced yellowtail carpaccio with citrus taste, and then snowed on by frozen horseradish.

SCAMPI Mozambique Scampi, Anchovies Sauce, Lardo
The second course serves meaty Mozambique scampi (shrimp) overlaid with a very thin slice of lardo (salt cured pork belly) that brings out the sweetness of the shrimp. Lies next to the meaty shrimp is grilled lettuce served with aromatic baugna cauda anchovies sauce, giving the dish a warm savoury flavour.

SPAGHETTI Spaghetti, Guanciale, Cured Egg Yolk, Truffle
The pasta course is Mancini spaghetti cooked first in a parmesan cheese broth, and then sautée with applewood smoked butter, crispy guanciale (i.e. italian cured pork jowl/cheek) and truffle paste, and lavishly topped with grated house-cured egg yolk and crowned with Perigord black truffle. The pasta has a very nice texture and the Lucci’s carbonara sauce leaves a nice impression.

MANZO A5 Wagyu, Parsnip, Spring Onion
The entrée serves a tender smoked A5 Wagyu beef steak served with spring onion jellies alongside with sweet parsnip purée. The steak is accompanied with brown sauce. The tender and juicy steak is so good on its own.

Sweet Ending
Fragole e Oil - Strawberry, Olive Oil, 25 years Balsamic Vinegar
Bright Japanese white and red strawberries, however, do not miss a beat with herbaceous olive oil and 25-years aged balsamic vinegar.

EXOTIC Cigar - White Chocolate, Passionfruit, Mango, Coconuts

PETIT FOUR - Apricot Jelly, Sicilian Cannoli, Earl Grey Lollipop

Chef Lucci reinterpreted the traditional Italian cuisine and presented it in a refreshing and innovative manner.

Address: 29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224
Price: $$$
Rating: 4.5/5