[Home Delivery] Blanco Court Beef Noodles - It's worth it. Singapore

different types of beef noodles from blanco court beef noodles.
Photo Source: Deliveroo

Blanco Court Beef Noodles, previously located at Blanco Court, is now officially back since February 2020. With the availability of home delivery, I had an opportunity to savour their highly recommended beef noodles.

Because it was a home delivery, I've ordered a serving of Beef Tendon Noodles (dry) with Kway Teow and additional beef balls at S$13.70; and a serving of Beef Noodles (dry) with thick bee hoon at S$8.90.

Though it was a little pricey, it was worth it. I didn't have the chance to take photos but will do so the next time around.

When you ordered a 'dry' beef noodles, it will come with a thick dark gravy rich with beef broth and peppery taste. To be frank, it was very different from the ones you may have eaten at some food courts where the gravy is pretty much tasteless. The gravy from #blancocourtbeefnoodles just blows your mind away.

The beef tendons and beef slices were so tender and fresh. They were extremely enjoyable that I emptied the bowls within minutes. The beef balls, on the other hand, was so-so. I did not enjoy much though they were in generous portions and springy.

I will definitely this again and will recommend the beef tendons and sliced beef noodles. Either kway teow or thick bee hoon is fine as they complement all the other ingredients perfectly.

Address: 12 Kallang Avenue, Aperia Mall, #01-36, Singapore 339511
Price: $ (A bit pricey but it's worth it)
Rating: 4.5/5
My Recommendation: Beef Tendon noodles and sliced beef noodles.