[Home Delivery] Enjoying a michelin-starred meal from Hawker Chan at home

Photo Source: Grab Food

Liao Fan Hawker Chan, a two-timed one Michelin-starred award recipient, is one of the best local foods I have ever had. As most people would queue to have great food, I don't mind having takeouts. Ordering takeouts (home deliveries) put the restaurants to a test - a test on their food quality.

Chef Chan's famous soy sauce chicken rice and noodles continue to amaze people. His humble soya sauce recipe is now recognised by Michelin and received the titles of "The World's First Hawker Michelin-starred Meal" and "The Cheapest Michelin-starred Meal in the World". 

I will always order a half soy sauce chicken with a plain yellow noodles and a plain hor fun. The soy sauce chicken is always accompanied with the soy beans. The soy beans were filled with fragrant spices that you just kept on eating before you even realised that they were gone.

Photo Credits: Grab Food

The astounding Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles blew my mind away. The soy sauce chicken had light, yet fragrant. The poultry meat was thick, not fatty; and was tender, not dry. The chicken skin was thin, yet fragrant. The portion was generous. The chilli sauce was spicy, yet fragrant. The hor fun was amazingly delicious as well.

Apart of the usual soy sauce chicken and noodles, I had ordered other side dishes like wonton soup and soya beansprout. However, nothing beats the signature soy sauce chicken.

Photo Credits: Grab Food
The wonton soup was just like any regular wonton soup. There was nothing to wow about. The broth was light.

Photo Credits: Grab Food
The beansprout with soy sauce was so-so. I cannot say that it was fantastic. 

Price: $
Food rating: 5/5 I will give full marks for the three items, soy sauce chicken, and noodles. I am full of praise of the food even though I ordered directly from its franchise outlet at Tai Seng. You can imagine how ambrosial it is going to be from its flagship store at Chinatown. 🙌
Recommendation: In summary, I would recommend the soy sauce chicken, plain noodles and plain hor fun. Hawker Chan can concur the world with these three dishes. Yummy!!