[Home Delivery] - Mr Duck

Mr Duck is one of the popular stalls at a coffee shop along Tai Thong Crescent. The coffee shop is always crowded and hot. Fortunately, with the popularity of food delivery, I can finally to eat this delicious food in the comfort of my home. 

I usually order either a duck set or kway chap set. The duck set, priced at $7.50, comprised braised duck meat, preserved vegetables, braised peanuts, hard boiled egg and yam rice. The duck meat was very tender and more importantly, it did not have a bitter aftertaste. The yam rice was rich and fragrant that you keep eating until it was all gone. 

The Kway Chap set, on the other hand, comprised broad white rice noodles in dark soy broth and pig innards, hard boiled egg, fish cakes and fried beancurd. What makes this food delicious is the sauce or gravy, which is rich and fragrant. (Price: $5.00)

It is impossible for me to choose which is better as both of them are equally great. If I have a bigger stomach, I would eat both at the same time. 

Address: 29 Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 347858
Price: $
Food Rating: 5/5
Recommendation: What else! Both the Duck and Kway Chap Sets!!

Photo Credits: Deliveroo