Namoodol - A High Quality Neighbourhood Restaurant in Queens, New York City, United States

Just a 25-min walk from the 7 subway train on Flushing's Union Street in a Korean supermarket chain, H-Mart, you'll find one of the highest quality korean barbeque restaurants in Flushing called Namoodol. A self-service restaurant, Namoodol is frequented mostly by neighbourhood locals and supermarket employees during their lunch breaks.

I found this great place in 2008. Ever since, getting Namoodol at H-mart has been a regular and cherished tradition whenever I am in town. 

Namoodol offers 24 food items, ranging standard korean foodfare like bimbimbap, kimchi stew to roasted meat items. All these dishes are accompanied with kimchi sides, pearly-white rice and a bowl of soup. The prices start from USD7 onwards. 

How to order:
  1. Walk to the counter
  2. Let the cashier know the food number you wish to order. In this case, LA Galbi was #14 and Seasoned Black Pork was #18. 
  3. Pay and wait at your table. 
  4. Wait for the kitchen staff to shout your number. 
  5. Collect your food and utensils. You can also get free water from the dispenser. 
  6. When you are done, bring the crockery to the "Return" counter. 

If you love beef, my personal recommendation is to order LA Galbi. Barbeque beef short ribs marinated with special sauce and grilled on charcoal stove.  Priced at USD17, it is definitely worth it. The short ribs were sweet, meaty and juicy. There was a nice charcoal aroma with slight charred corners. It was grilled to perfection that it just came right off the bone easily. This is a must have! Otherwise, you are definitely missing out. (Food rating: 5/5)

Another must-have is the Seasoned Black Pork which is roasted Black Pork marinated with special sauce. Slightly cheaper than the short ribs, the black pork was juicy, meaty and sweet. Every word which came out of my mouth was "WOW!", "OMG!", "Oh My!". I was swooned over the ribs and black pork dishes. (Food rating: 5/5)

Namoodol never fails to make me feel at home, despite the language barrier. The staff are more proficient in the Korean language and it takes gestures and hand signs to communicate. Even so, the cosy and warmth feeling from the ambience and the staff make me feel comfortable and warm. 

Address:H-Mart, 29-2 Union Street, Flushing, NY 11354, United States
Price: USD$
Food Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 5/5
Recommended Dishes: LA Galbi, Seasoned Black Pork; Beef Bulgogi