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Yocha Tea & Desserts |⭐⭐⭐
238 Thomson Rd, #01-07, Singapore 307683

With a hunger for convenience driving demand, the food delivery markets have become increasingly competitive. With the entrants like GrabFood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo, Startaster and Honestbee, consumers cheered of having food on the table without setting food out of the house. 

I am one of the frequent users of such food deliveries due to heavy work schedules. The food deliveries provide convenience and put food on the table when I reach home after working for long hours. 

For my first entry, I like to share about the dessert shop called Yocha Tea and Desserts. Located at Velocity Novena Square, Yocha is the recommended shop to have desserts. Yes, yes yes. There are many other dessert outlets that delivers to my home. Somehow, this is the best one I have ever had, compared to Blackball, and other Hong Kong desserts. 

Yocha Tea & Desserts offers a variety of handcrafted tea, coffee, smoothies and Asian desserts with wide selection of toppings to complement the taste experience. Consumers can opt for healthier sweetener for beverages as they claimed to use pure natural honey instead of artificial flavoured honey syrup. 

There are two types of dessert - Dessert Set 3 or Mix & Match your own Dessert. Priced at S4.20, Dessert Set 3 comprises of mixed grass jelly and honey aiyu jelly with taro Q balls, aloe vera, red beans and lychee coconut jelly. You can choose the liquid toppings for dessert and other toppings like ice cream, rainbow jelly at a cost. What I loved most about this dessert is the Taro Q balls were very chewy and flavourful. The honey aiyu jelly was equally great and chewy. 

As for the liquid toppings, I recommend the lemon juice. The lemon juice gave that added zest to the dulcified dessert. It made the dessert very refreshing.The black sugar milk and wintermelon juice were saccharine. As for the liquid creamer, it was too heavy to taste. 

Back to the types of desserts, I also customised my very own dessert and added all my favourite items, such as taro Q balls, honeyed aiyu jelly, red beans and aloe vera. With that, my total damages is about $4.80 as I added two servings of Q balls. 

Finally, though the desserts were great, the delivery charge of S$5.29 was more expensive than a bowl of desserts. This will be a major push factor for consumers like myself to order for this dessert too often. 

Beside having desserts, the Earl Grey Milk Tea was commonly nice. The delivery app allows consumers to choose the level of sweetness from 0% to 100%, and beverage toppings like pearls, grass jelly, etc. I chose 30%. The regular cup of milk tea is $3.30, more expensive than LiHO.

How about smoothies? I had vanilla and cookies smoothie and it was normal. The smoothie lacked the vanilla fragrance that I did not feel the need to shout out. Priced at $5.30, I rather go for Dessert Set 3.

Yocha is available for delivery via foodpanda or deliveroo.

Yocha Tea & Desserts |⭐⭐⭐
238 Thomson Rd, #01-07, Singapore 307683

Atmosphere: A takeaway dessert outlet at Velocity Novena Square
Noise Level: The noise level was reasonable as the store is located at Level 1 in the mall.
Recommended: Dessert Set 3, Mix & Match your own Dessert, Earl Grey Milk Tea
Price: $ (cheap eats)
Reservations: No

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