Spanish Delights at Pura Brasa Singapore

Pura Brasa, a Spanish restaurant chain, opens its seventh outlet in Singapore. It is also its first restaurant outlet in Asia. Created by Josper®, the internationally renowned brand of charcoal ovens, the restaurant aims to inspire Josper's customers and teach them how to implement the grills and ovens and the variety of applications they have. 

Located at street level of Tanjong Pagar Centre, Pura Brasa is gaining popularity in Singapore. Through a friend's recommendation, we dined at the restaurant without table reservations on a weekday night. Almost 8pm, the restaurant was almost filled.

The ciabatta bread sticks with tomato and olive oil were amazingly delicious. The bread sticks were crispy on the outside and yet soft in the inside. The tomato tasted refreshingly delicious and there was a light sweetness in it. Every bite on the bread was heavenly. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

The Grilled Octopus on "trinxat de la Cerdanya" were served with potato and cabbage. The server carefully cut the octopus tentacles into bite sizes. 

The Spanish Omelette with spicy sausage "chorizo" and "all i oli" was delicious. The omelette was served in a shape of a cup. When cut, the delicious sausage broth seeped. The texture of the omelette was somewhat similar the Japanese souffle egg omelette. Served together with the dish was more ciabatta bread sticks with tomato and olive oil. (Food rating: 4/5)

A definite must-have dish when you are at Pura Brasa. The tender lamb ribs with mango "all i oli" was fabulous. The "all i oli" or Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil was a good complement to the lamb ribs. The lamb ribs was tender and succulent. Lightly salted, the lamb was amazingly delicious. Thinking back makes me salivate again. (Food rating 4.5/5)

The Charcoal Seafood Paella by Josper® was one of its bestsellers. The paella was rich with seafood sweetness. The rice were cooked to perfection with every rich grain being chewy and delicious. The seafood was plentiful and generous. This dish requires skills and precision and the chefs at Pura Brasa had nailed it. Kudos to Pura Brasa! (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Address: 5 Wallich Street #01-16 Tanjong Pagar Centre Singapore 078883
Price: $$
Food rating: 4/5
Recommended dishes: Ciabatta bread with tomato and olive oil, Seafood Paella, Tender Lamb Ribs.