Shopkeepers Restaurant (掌柜的店中原菜) specialising in Central Plains Cuisine, Shanghai

Shopkeepers Restaurant (掌柜的店中原菜) | ⭐⭐
上海市黄浦区南京路贵州路55号层 邮政编码: 200000
China, Shanghai Shi, Huangpu Qu, NanJing Lu, Guizhou Rd, 55号层 邮政编码: 200000

China's cooking styles and dietary preferences can be divided into many geographical areas, and each area has a distinct style of cooking. The most praised Four Great Traditions are Chuan, Lu, Yue, and Huaiyang, representing cuisines of West, North, South, and East China, respectively. 
  • The Western Chinese cuisine is usually hearty, Halal and with lamb as its staple meat like Xinjiang dishes. 
  • The Northern Chinese cuisine is mainly salty and simple, with notable dishes like Peking Roast Duck. They tend to have less vegetables with wheat as its staple food. 
  • The Southern Chinese cuisine is more sour with sharp biting taste and is certainly not sweet. 
  • The Eastern Chinese Cuisine will be sweet and light with notable dishes like Dongpo Pork, Dim Sum, etc. 

The Central Chinese cuisine is generally more spicy with a lot of seasoning, such as Sichuan Hot Pot, Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli (辣子鸡). Regions of Central Plains Cuisine include Sichuan cuisine (famous for its particularly numbing and spicy taste); Hunan cuisine, which is similar but generally even spicer. 

Shopkeeper's Shop is a restaurant chain that inherits the traditional cooking characteristics of Central Plains Cuisine. The selection of ingredients is believed to be meticulous and does not contain MSG. Believe it or not, the cuisine is unique that either you love it or you not.

Guifei Yam Yogurt (贵妃山药酪) was served with a big bowl of yogurt, drizzled with Osmanthus flower syrup.

Spicy Pepper Soup with Beef (胡椒牛肉汤) was a very exquisite dish. Unless you are from Henan, it will be extremely difficult for one to enjoy the soup. I, for one, was not a fan of this peppery soup. I believe that the locals would definitely enjoy this. Personally, I found the thick soup very peppery, as if a lot of pepper was added into the soup. The beef broth was somehow very subtle. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Cold Rice Noodles Dipped with Wheat Vinegar

Lamb with Cumin Powder with Pancake

Lychee and Cherry Tomato

Tripe dipped in Homemade Spicy Sauce

Black Truffle Beef Rice

Black Truffle with Beef Dumpling

Donkey Meat Burrito

Noodles served with Hot Chilli Oil

Mutton Soup

Shopkeepers Restaurant (掌柜的店中原菜) | ⭐⭐
上海市黄浦区南京路贵州路55号层 邮政编码: 200000
China, Shanghai Shi, Huangpu Qu, NanJing Lu, Guizhou Rd, 55号层 邮政编码: 200000

Atmosphere: A family friendly restaurant with beautiful interior. However, the table we were given was a little too cramp. Otherwise, it was a lovely dining experience.
Noise Level:

Rating: 3.5/5
Recommended dishes:
Price: $$
Reservations: Yes. 

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