Enjoying Seasonal Cuisine at 1 Michelin-Starred Summer Pavilion, Singapore

Located at Ritz Carlton Singapore, Summer Pavilion, a Michelin one-starred restaurant serves exquisite and contemporary Cantonese cuisine handcrafted by Chinese Executive Chef, Cheung Siu Kong. 

We had a celebratory dinner at Summer Pavilion and ordered the osmanthus dinner menu, which consist of 5 items. On top of that, we ordered a couple of ala carte side dishes for sharing, whilst waiting for dinner. 

[Above] First dish of the Osmanthus Dinner Menu was the Steamed Lobster, Crab Meat and Chicken Dumpling, Deep-fried Lobster Roll, Prawn Paste, Breaded Vermicelli (龙虾小笼包,千丝龙虾卷). The dumpling skin was silky smooth, yet springy when chewing. The skin was thin but holds the weight of the seafood and soup in the dumpling. The filling was sweet with a tint of seafood. The Lobster Roll with Prawn Paste looked like the Dragon's Beard Candy. The breaded vermicelli was crispy, coupled with the crispy seafood, was absolutely delicious. These food must be eaten in its original taste. Dipping with sauces may spoil the taste. 

Next in line was the Double-boiled Superior Bird's Nest and Chicken served in whole coconut (椰皇炖海岛官燕盏). Normally, bird's nest is eaten in sugar syrup but this dish was totally different. The soup was savoury in taste with Chicken. Because of its savoury taste, you will naturally think that you are having vermicelli rather than bird's nest in the soup. Scrap the coconut flesh and you will be surprised to enjoy another layer of gastronomic taste on top of the collagen filled chicken broth. 

The third dish was the braised whole abalone served with seasonal vegetables in oyster sauce and pan-fried foie gras (蚝皇六头汤鲍时蔬伴香煎鹅肝). Some people may not like the foie gras but do give it a shot. The foie gras was crispy in the outside and tofu-like soft in the inside. More importantly, it did not have a bad aftertaste. As for the abalone, the portion was just nice and the texture was perfect. The oyster sauce and the abalone were a perfect match. The Kai Lan vegetables was perfectly cooked. The stems were soft and tender and the leaves were beautiful green. (Food rating: 4/5)

Sauteed Japanese King Scallop cooked with Black Pepper Sauce served with Fried Rice with diced Australian Scallop, Egg White and Crispy Garlic (黑椒炒带子皇伴金蒜蛋白带子炒饭). This bespoke dish, though presented simply, said a lot of chef's culinary skills and the quality of food. Each rice grain was beautiful and the scallop with black pepper sauce was light yet powerful. Reminiscing this dish makes my mouth water. (Food rating: 4/5)

Additional appetisers were served concurrently beside the ones listed in the set menu. The deep-fried beancurd cubes with spices and salt (椒盐脆豆腐) were amazing. The outside was crispy and the inside was tender and soft. The spices and salt were perfect combination that elevated this dish to the next level. (Food rating: 4/5)

Another simple, yet amazing appetiser was the deep fried silver fish, drizzled with spicy salt (椒盐脆银鱼). The fish was crispy and the size was perfect. It was a great snack to set the luxuriant dinner experience. (Food rating: 3.5/5)
We ordered steamed fish separately, giving a more balanced meal. The Soon Hock Fish is a premium freshwater fish, which is popular among the Chinese Community. Cooked in Cantonese style, the fish is steamed with soy sauce, topped with shredded ginger, cilantro leaves and scallions. The fish was sweet and fresh, and more importantly, it was extremely enjoyable. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

The Barbecued Peking Duck (half) priced at $40, though the price is in the high side, was amazingly delicious. The crispy skin was flavourful and you may not even need to add any sweet hoisin sauce to accentuate the highly acclaimed poultry. (Food rating: 4/5)

Priced at $13 per portion, the Sliced Chicken in Rice Wine with Jelly Fish (海蜇醉鸡片) was very refreshing. A chilled dish with tender and nice fragrance was absolutely wonderful. (Food rating:4/5)

Finally, the dinner ended with a sweet note - Chilled Black Glutinous served with Coconut Ice Cream and Mango bits (香芒紫米冻). Well, the dessert was nice as it has a local touch. However, it would be good to end the dish with a Cantonese dessert, since it is actually a Cantonese Restaurant. (Food rating: 3/5)

We loved the culinary set as it alludes the oriental western touch.

The total set menu - Osmanthus Dinner Menu was $170 per person, excluding the ala carte dishes and hot beverages we ordered. It was a very luxurious dinner but it was a wonderful experience. 

Summer Pavilion
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799 

Price: $$$

Overall Food Rating: 4/5

Ambience: A  cosy and elegant ambience where you are enjoy both the ambrosial food and the ambience.

Service: The overall service experience was good. However, we were not served with the steamed rice we have requested since the middle of the dinner. We have asked at least three times to the servers and left disappointed as we did not managed to try their highly recommended steamed white rice.