Enjoying the Traditional Taiwanese Way with Yin Yih Restaurant [銀翼餐廳], Taipei

Yin Yih Restaurant [銀翼餐廳], opened in 1947, is one of the oldest restaurants in Taipei and offers many popular traditional Taiwanese dishes.

Due to its popularity, it is very crowded on weekends and you have to make table reservations. At lunch hours, I had to leave my number until a table is available. However, it did not take very long. 

The xiaolongbaos (小笼包) differs greatly from the ones from Din Tai Fung. The dumpling skin was thicker as if you are having steamed buns. But the skin was spongy and chewy. The meat was sweet and savoury. Although it is delicious, I prefer the thin skin meat dumplings. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

The Lion's Head meat ball was interesting. The meat ball was huge that it was enough for two persons. The meat was tender and juicy at the same time. It is worth to try. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

If you had glutinous rice before, you will find that the noodles have the same flavour. The dried shrimps were savoury and the noodles were a little chewy. After having a couple of mouthfuls, I stopped as it was too flavourful for me. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

A simple shredded pork noodles, this noodle dish was a delight, simple and wholesome. I enjoyed this bowl of noodles more than the other one. (Food rating: 4/5)

The waxed pork belly was supposed to be a highlight but it was not suitable for me. The waxed meat was salty and it was not something I like. Perhaps it is what the locals like, which I do not appreciate. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

The rice crackers with tomato sauce was interesting but not something that I will want to order again. The tomato sauce is too sour and salty and did not suit my palate. (Food rating: 2/5)  

Address: 2F, No. 18, Sec. 2, Jin-Shan S. Rd, Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan 108
Price: $
Rating: 3/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 4/5
Recommended dishes: Xiaolongbaos