[Michelin Food Guide - Singapore] Octaphilosophy - A night to remember at the two Michelin-starred restaurant

Octaphilosophy is André's essence and true value, at the heart of all his cooking - 8 Elements, 8 Inspiring dishes. (above images - from Restaurant André)

The theme consists of 8 elements - Pure • Unique • Memory • Terroir • Salt • South • Texture • Artisan, where Chef André devotes each dish to another inspiration. This creates a series of completely independent yet cohesive dishes, that engages and yet constantly surprises our palate and senses with new taste sensations.

Made up of pre-starters, standard courses, followed by another 6 "petite fours". The pre-starters and "petite fours" were bite sized portions, Octaphilsophy spoke of a wonderful story in its presentation.


Mushroom meringue, filled with mushroom cream and topped with seaweed-dusted enoki. This is fabulous.

Miso Celeric and wild flowers

Grilled fava bean in its pod, peeled and glazed with tarragon and shaved tonka beans.

Potato soufflé, beef, caviar - Amazing

Masala-dusted crispy chicken skin, burnt cauliflower puree, shaved cauliflower - Marvelous!

"Charcoal" Squid Ink Churros with Amaebi.

Abalone, Abalone Liver, Sea Succulents (Kombu) and Fried amaebi heads

The millefeuille comprised layers of smoked swordfish, cucumber, daikon, chrysanthemum jelly and seaweed. True to its name, this dish was a celebration of textures, and the contrasting flavours of smoke, salt and acid were delightful. Quite a master piece.

Crab meat wanton with sweet ice shave

Part 1: 17 vegetables, aji, burnt basil and toro vinaigrette
Part 2 - Fermented vegetable broth

Chiang's Artisan dishes give voice to the fishermen, farmers, ranchers, and producers who make his work possible. The Artisan dishes are simple and rustic, letting the product sing. This dish is made of 17 different kinds of vegetables. I could make out asparagus, purple cauliflower, carrots... Then you will be served with fermented vegetables where were made from the balanced vegetables. Chiang believed that it is wasteful to throw away all the unused vegetables. So, he fermented the vegetables and made soup out of it.

Scallop Lasagne with Burnt Oyster and Carviar Aubergine, which could be mistaken as a wanton at first glance) was actually thinly sliced scallops rolled through the hand-made pasta machine.

Squid spaghetti, kelp jus, sorghum

Foie gras royale, black truffle coulis, chives

This dish is a permanent feature on the menu at Restaurant André as it "harkens back to the first dish he created" in the mid 1990s, whilst working in France. This dish remains a permanent feature on the menu and it reminds him everyday how he became a chef and where he comes from.

Wagyu, persimmon, cocoa, Mont Blanc, beef jus

Aomri rice ice cream, amazake, puffed rice

An amazing combination highlighting the sweetness of rice.

Peach, Grape, Pink coriander

Using only water and knife, this dish is made appealing to the eye and to the palate with little intervention.

Pickled plums, purple shiso granita
Creme fraiche ice cream, milk bavarois, tea

root beer popsicle

(left) Smoked financier
(right)Earl Grey gelée

(left) Nougat Madeleine
(right) Kaia Toast for the macaroon toast

The experience of eating is influenced not just by taste, but also by sights, textures and smells. There can't be a focus on just one sense, and this is why there is a daily development at Restaurant Andre to harmonise the total experience.

verjus jelly

Elderflower with sparkling water

Blue Butterfly Tea - Blue Flower and Lemon

Jus Fermentation

Chef André Chiang's creates a brand new pairing experience, which takes months to craft every single of his unique fermentated juices "Jus des idees". This collection of fermented juices with astringency, smoky, grassy or creamy flavours and textures give the wine-line sensation of full taste, body and aroma.

No10 - Cucumber / Elderflower / Pineapple
No5 - Cacao Nibs / Sourdough
No2 - Onion / Potato / Mushroom
No 1 - Toasted Corn / Dark Malt / Vanilla
No11 - Toasted Rice / Barley / Buckwheat

Restaurant André is one of THE places to dine for a gastronomic experience. Chef André was amazingly creative, and he is able to share his ideas explicitly through his marvelous dishes. Restaurant André is ranked high amongst the restaurants I loved such as Pollen, Bacchanalia, etc.

Address: 41 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089855
Price: $$$$ ($350++ per pax) And it is DEFINITELY worth it! 😍
Rating: 5/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 5/5
Favourites: Every dish served. 😱