Ah Tu Sesame Chicken (金佳阿圖麻油雞) - Authentic Taiwanese Sesame Chicken, Taipei, Taiwan

Recommended by a Taiwanese Variety Show, we hunted down the restaurant, Ah Tu Sesame Chicken (金佳阿圖麻油雞) in Taipei. Here at Ah Tu Sesame Chicken, you will find more authentic Taiwanese food.

The restaurant served a variety of foods, which include Pork Trotters in Chinese Angelica Root(當歸豬腳)-TWD90, Sesame Chicken Soup (麻油雞湯)-TWD120, blood glutinous rice (乾米血糕)-TWD40, rice vermicelli (麻油湯麵線)-TWD45 and yellow noodles (麻油乾麵線)-TWD35.

Unlike the Sesame Chicken (麻油雞湯) in Singapore, there was a strong rice wine in the dish, giving it the added fragrance. The blood glutinous rice (乾米血糕) was interesting as it did not have a bloody aftertaste. We ordered two different kinds of noodles. The yellow noodles came with peanut sauce (麻油乾麵線), whereas the rice vermicelli was soaked in the sesame chicken broth, rich with rice wine (麻油湯麵線).

Clear broth from the Sesame Chicken Soup

Pork Trotters

Yellow noodles served in peanut sauce (麻油乾麵線)

Spicy cut red chilli with their special fermented soy bean sauce which complemented all the dishes we ordered.

Beware of long queues during peak hours.

Address: No. 552之2號, Linsen N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
Price: $ (All in all, we spent about TWD400 for this meal)
Rating: 3.5/5
Recommended dishes: Yellow noodles in peanut sauce, Sesame Chicken Soup.