Patties and Wiches, Singapore

Enjoy the highly acclaimed hamburgers at Patties & Wiches made under the supervision of Chef Kozo Matsumoto, owner and chef at a renowned hamburger restaurant - "7025 Franklin Avenue" in Japan. Chef Kozo has been making hamburgers for more than two decades and has won first prize in a hamburger contest in USA.

Mt Fuji (SGD9) was a lump of excessive sweetness without distinguishable flavour despite the layered construct. (Food rating: 1.5/5)

The Mille Feuille (SGD9.00) [above] suffered from the same injury of poorly made pastry although the custard filling was a notch better than that of Mt Fuji's. (Food rating: 2/5)

Mushroom and Cheese Burger (SGD25) came with the usual fries and salad. These two sides were unremarkable: the fries in the usual thin precut, maybe processed, strips that looked and tasted just like those from McDonald's, and the salad was a casual, passive mix of tomato, onion and lettuce slapped with processed mayonnaise sauce with a hint of acidity. The real delight was the burger. The bread was soft and went very well with the moist and succulent beef patty and aromatic mushroom. With the balanced seasoning and the thoughtfully included wax paper, the burger, when eaten by hand rather than fork and knife, exuded a savage sort of satisfaction that delighted the palate. (Food rating: 3/5)

The Chocolate Pop (SGD3) was let down by the pre-prep pastry that tasted cold and of a hint of stale greasiness, a damage so great that the decent filling, merely of quality for self-salvation, cannot hope to undo. Papa Bread does a better job. (Food rating: 1.5/5)

The Vanilla Shake (SGD7) was too watery to, strictly speaking, be called a shake. It lacked the full body of sinful decadence that defined a good shake and came across as a purported healthier version that turned out to be a regretful miss, ending up in the wasteland of shakes.

Total cost: SGD81.21
Address: Ngee Ann City, #03-10A, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Price: $
Rating: 2.5/5
Recommendation: Mushroom and Cheese Burger
Ambience: A nice ambience to chill