Tung Lok XiHe Peking Duck [同樂 .羲和] @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Anyone who dines at Tunglok XiHe Peking Duck will realise a fascinating and flavourful blend of East and West cuisines.

After a multi-sensory dining experience at Tunglok XiHe Peking Duck, we were back again for more. Apart from the usual dishes, we gained new experiences.

Rose Cherry Tomatoes [玫瑰小番茄] (above) immersed with sour plum was sweet and sour in taste. A fantastic appetiser to whet your appetite. 

Australian Wagyu Beef cubes wok-fried with Truffle Oil exudes mouthwatering aroma that make you want more. Priced at $38, the beef cubes were tender and moist, making the dish immensely enjoyable.

Braised Spinach with three eggs - egg, century egg and salted egg. A typical Cantonese dish with blanched spinach braised with three kinds of eggs, giving diners a nice fragrance and taste. 

Cucumber strips soaked with vinaigrette is one of the great appetisers to start. The cucumber strips were freshly cut and the mixture was superb.

Wok-fried Crab with Homemade Spicy Sauce was unbelievably delicious. Priced at $65, the Sri Lankan crab was meaty and yet very moist. The vermicelli noodles soaked with the homemade sauce had a very beautiful brown colour. The texture was chewy and the flavour in the noodles were simply divine. This is definitely a recommended must try.

Tung Lok XiHe Whole Peking Duck is the original dish created in Singapore. Different parts of the duck was cut for different dips and sauces. Firstly, the skin dipped with sugar was fantastic. The sugar brought out the divine taste of the duck. Secondly, the tender drumsticks were advised to dip in mustard sauce. And finally, the breast meat was best eaten with scallion strips, cucumber strips and hoisin sauce, wrapped with the Chinese mini pancakes. This dish was memorable.

Address: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #07-07/09, Singapore 238896
Price: $
Rating: 4/5
Recommendations: Tunglok XiHe Whole Peking Duck, Wok-fried Australian Wagyu Beef with Truffle Oil