Jang Shou Korean BBQ @ Esplanade Mall, Singapore (Food rating: 2.4/5)

After a hard day's work, we wanted to give ourselves a pat on our backs by treating ourselves good food. My friend remembered that there was a BBQ restaurant that was quite popular at Esplanade and took us there. (Above Beef Set $96)

Cold Noodles with Hot Sauce $15

Boiled Beef Rib Soup was superbly delicious. Priced at $20, the soft tender beef ribs in the mouthwatering beef consomme was heavenly. I could not comprehend how the delicious food was prepared. The beef was easily torn and you could eat it on its own. The soup was so addictive that I could not stop drinking. 

Rice Mixed with Hot Stone $20

Total damages $184.32

Address: Jang Shou Korean BBQ, #01-13A, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802
Price: $$
Food rating: 2.5/5
Service rating: 2.4/5
Stuffness level (How full you will be): 4.8/5