333 Bak Kut Teh, Singapore

In Singapore, there are two styles of bak kut teh [肉骨茶] served – Teochew style and Klang style. And it is the broth which makes bak kut teh styles different. While Teochew version features clear soup with peppery taste, Klang version has thick, cloudy soup with herbal taste. In our lion city, the former is more popular than the latter.

When you are in Balestier Road, you must definitely try the bak kut teh (肉骨茶). There are numerous shops selling bak kut teh. 

After watching a food variety show on TV, I yearned for Bak Kut Teh badly.

At 333 Bak Kut Teh, you can enjoy the spare rib soup in teochew style. The clear peppery soup rich in the pork essence was light and fragrant. The spare ribs were freshly prepared and boiled for long hours as they were easily removed from the bones. Do dip the meat into the chilli sauce with dark soy sauce. The sauce brought out the sweetness of the meat, making it absolutely delish. (Food rating: 4/5)

Braised peanuts were a perfect appetiser. The peanuts were soft and yet filled with fragrant spices that they were difficult to stop. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Fried dough fritters were fantastic when you soaked them into the Bak Kut Teh soup. The dough fritters absorbed the soup like a sponge. But when you put it into your mouth, it exploded with delicious rich broth. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Another great appetiser that you must definitely order is pickled vegetables. Crunchy in texture and briny in flavour, this appetiser complemented the bak kut teh very well. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Do order a portion of braised beancurd in soy sauce. The soy sauce was extremely fragrant and delicious. Even though it was lightly salted, the bean curd were like sponges, soaked with the sauce. Great companion for steamed white rice or noodles. (Food rating: 4/5)

Apart from ordering a bowl of bak kut teh, how about ordering a portion of rich braised pork trotters. The pork trotters, simmered for long hours, were tender and savoury. It will be an ambrosial meal when having the trotters with steamed white rice. (Food rating: 4/5)

Whilst having Bak Kut Teh, you may accompany the food with either steamed white rice or vermicelli. The vermicelli came with green vegetables in the bak kut teh soup. The noodles were cooked in perfection. They were chewy and uncluttered (not in a lump). (Food rating: 4/5)

Address: 333 Balestier Road, Singapore 329765
Price:$ ($30.00)
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended dishes: Spare rib Bak Kut Teh, Braised Beancurd, Braised peanuts, Vermicelli, Pickled vegetables, Braised Trotters