Create Your Taste - McDonalds, Shanghai

Amid slumping sales and intense competition, McDonald's continues to roll out new initiatives in hopes of regaining popularity with the American (and international) public. Introducing McDonald’s® Create Your Taste, one of its latest stunts, – a brand new dining experience that lets you create your own mouth-watering masterpiece!

Though it is a stretch for a brand that was founded on a streamlined, easy-to-serve menu, it is also an essential answer to consumers' cries for variety and option. McDonald’s® Create Your Taste's build-your-own-burger kiosk launched at its locations in Australia in September 2014. After some success, the programme expanded to 2,000 locations in U.S. (mostly Southern California) in December. In Singapore, this programme was launched in JEM, Yishun SAFRA, Raffles City and Ang Mo Kio earlier this year and will continue a rollout its customised offerings.

The Create Your Taste digital touchscreen kiosks have dual point technology, which allow diners to order their food at one and collect it at another. This create a fuss-free experience for diners and cashless payment can be made at the self-ordering kiosks. This customised programme also comes with table service, which means diners can sit down and wait for their creation to be made fresh off the grill, and then brought to their table. 

I was in Shanghai recently when I had a chance to try a customised premium burger. The premium burger was served on wooden boards, accompanied by french fries served in metal baskets. Interestingly, the way it was served was the same in Singapore, showing consistency. 

For my first burger, I chose semolina bun with a delectable range of premium ingredients like quarter pounder beef patty, sliced tomatoes, whole lettuce leaf, classic cheese, spicy sauce, and bacon strips. A simple premium burger combination that blew my mind away. The beef patty was juicy and tender, and the ingredients were freshly prepared. The spicy sauce was creamy and savoury with hot chilli. The combination was similar to the McSpicy burger but with some modifications like beef patty, bacon strips with spicy sauce. The bun was rustic and soft with mild sweetness. I could taste multiple flavours like spicy, sweet, and salty from the burger. A absolute delightful burger and I love to make it again. The meal set cost RMB70, which came with french fries and a drink. (Food rating: 4/5)

For the second burger, I became more bold in selecting my ingredients to create a supreme burger. This time, I selected the glazed bun, double beef patties, caramelised onions, bacon strips, sliced tomatoes, whole lettuce leaf, BBQ sauce and mustard sauce. The combination, originated from the Big Mac burger, was equally fantastic. The caramelised onions, bacon strips and creamy cheese complemented the burger to the T. This meal set cost RMB80, which came with french fries and a drink. (Food rating: 4/5)

As for the french fries, the taste and texture were different from the normal fries bought from the normal meals. The delectable fries were thicker, similar to the fries sold at Mos Burger or KFC in Singapore.

Whether in Singapore or overseas, you should customise your ultimate premium burger at least once at McDonald's. 

Address: 525 Xi Zang Zhong Lu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000 (上海麦当劳雅居乐餐厅, 上海市西藏中路525号)
Price: $
Rating: 4/5