Yangs Dumplings [小杨生煎], Shanghai, China

Sheng jian [生煎], a hybrid of xiaolongbao [小笼包] and guo tie [锅贴], are fried on a cast iron pan until the bottom turn deep golden brown and crispy. A Shanghai classic, these pan-fried soup dumplings are often a messy affair. There is a crispy crust covered with sesame seeds wrapped around fragrant pork, surrounded by a slightly sweet, thick broth that often spurts upon biting down. Yang's Dumplings' [小杨生煎] recipe has become a favourite with locals and visitors alike - spawning around 30 locations throughout Shanghai since 1994.

What makes these sheng jian so addictive and yet, so challenging to eat, is the scalding hot pork broth which surrounds the juicy meat filling. Eating sheng jian is an acquired art - a person who is eating this for the first time will be immediately exposed by the squirting pork broth, staining the top and the broth dribbling down the chin. Keep watch for a veteran and pick up the skill to enjoy the dumplings without messing yourself. At RMB6, you will enjoy four pieces of delicious sheng jian. The meat fillings were very tender and juicy. The broth was sweet and rich. Eating on its own without adding condiments were amazingly delicious - an ambrosial dish for all to enjoy. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Fried Tofu Cubes in Sliced Beef Vermicelli Soup [油豆腐牛肉粉丝汤] at first tasted very much like Mee Sotong - a local Malay dish in Singapore. The spiced soup was flavoursome. Priced at RMB10, the broth, though a little fragrant, was a little bland. The fried tofu cubes seemed to have pockets that were filled with the broth, squirting the broth at every bite. The vermicelli was cooked in al dente style, not too soggy or too hard. Overall, this dish was nice but lacked depth. It was forgettable. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Sour and spicy beef vermicelli [牛肉酸辣粉], priced at RMB12, was more delish than the above dish. Filled with chilli oil, the broth was more tasteful and depth for any new and loyal customers. The vermicelli was more chewy and did not turn soggy after some time. The roasted peanuts were extremely fragrant as they were chewed slowly. The rich nutty aroma exploded in your mouth and the fragrance resonated when you swallowed them. The  broth had more depth and spicy at the same time. This made us waiting to drink it directly from the bowl, even though we could not take spicy food. Amongst the two noodle dishes, the sour and spicy beef vermicelli was the best. (Food rating:4.5/5)

Address: 97 Huanghe Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai, China
Price: $
Rating: 4/5
Recommendations: Sheng Jian; Sour and Spicy Beef Vermicelli


  1. Awesome food with great ambiance in the interiors it has great chefs

  2. Hi Sany, I totally agree with you. I enjoyed the sheng jian buns immensely and I cannot wait to have more on my next trip.


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