Mirana Cake House @ Chevron House, Singapore (Food rating:3/5)

A popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia, Mee Rebus is made of yellow egg noodles with a spicy, slightly sweet curry-like gravy. The ingredients of the thick gravy include potatoes, curry powder, water, salted soya beans, dried shrimps and peanuts. The noodles were then garnished with a hard boiled egg, lime, spring onions, green chillies, fried firm beancurd, fried shallots and bean sprouts. 

Mirana Cake House offers Muslim, Indonesian, Chinese and Western cuisines, providing a one-stop food service to customers working in the vicinity. I bought a bowl of Mee Rebus at SGD3.50 which was affordable in the Central Business District. The noodles were cooked in al dente style - firm to the bite. The sweet curry-like gravy was thick and yet had a stronger shrimp taste. The noodles were sprinkled with green chillis, coriander and fried shallots. There was also a half piece of hard-boiled egg. Although I liked the noodles, I prefer the gravy to have lesser shrimps as it was a little overpowering. The coriander and green chilli reduced the pungent shrimp taste. (Food rating: 3/5)

Address: #B1-K1 Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place, Singapore 048622
Price: $
Rating: 3/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 3/5