The Noodle King @ China Square Food Centre, PrudentialTower, Singapore (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Imagine that you are in the Central Business District where food is always expensive, you want to have great food at affordable places. Where should you go? How about considering the China Square Food Centre at Prudential Tower? The food court, though small, offers a good variety of food, from Japanese sushi to noodles to Indian food, to noodles to economical rice. 

I had wanton noodles at Noodle King. The noodle stall seems popular as the queue was never ending. At SGD4.50, you will get a decent portion of noodles with a bowl of wontons. 

The noodles were a little chewy but they could be better. The BBQ roasted meat slices were normal. The greens were freshly blanched. On top of the noodles, there was also a piece of deep fried fish dumpling. The deep fried fish dumpling was the highlight of the entire dish. More importantly, the dumpling was freshly cooked. The wontons in the soup, however, was normal. 

As a meal, it is pretty decent and the portion was great for the hungry. At SGD4.50, it is really affordable.