Yelixiali (耶里夏麗新疆餐庁), Shanghai, China (Food rating: 3/5)

We found this restaurant - (Yelixiali) 耶里夏丽 by chance whilst strolling along Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. Located at the start of the pedestrian street, next to People's Square subway station, the restaurant was extremely popular. We have been there at least twice during our stay in the mega city and the restaurant  was always crowded with people.

We were lucky today to get a table so quickly. Without hesitation, we started ordering by pointing the pictures in the menu. Of course, all the dishes we ordered were heavenly. We spent a total of RMB165 and like that I always say, "it is worth it".

Mutton sticks (羊肉串 - see photo above), similar to our local Mutton Satay, were extremely tender and fragrance. The succulent mutton was juicy and yet addictive. We will order again the next time we are there. (Food rating: 4/5)

Chinese Chrysanthemum (素炒茼蒿) is something that I have ever heard and eaten for the first time. If you like the smell of the Chrysanthemum flowers and the tea, you may like the Chrysanthemum vegetables. These greens are popular in Southeast Asia too. The reason why we ordered this dish was because the couple at the next table were eating this. It looked very delicious and green. When served, we fell in love with the dish. The greens were crunchy and the taste was delicious, even though it was simply fried with minced garlic. (Food rating: 3/5)

Xinjiang pancake (新疆烤馕) is a kind of crusty pancake, which is a staple food of the Uygur and Kazak nationalities. The pancake was huge in portion. Despite its size, the fragrance was delightful. There were many sesame seeds on the pancake that made me salivate. It was soft in the inside and the crust was crispy. (Food rating: 3/5)

Mutton over rice (羊肉抓饭), similar to the Hainanese Chicken Rice, served mutton chunks with rice. The rice was beautifully greased with butter, I think, which emit a very nice fragrance. The mutton were succulent and tender. I could not stop stuffing my mouth with the mouthwatering greased rice. (Good rating: 3/5)

Spicy Cold Flat Noodles (石河子凉皮) was one of our favourites at Yelixiali. The word 凉皮 caught our attention when we looked at the menu. Without hesitation, we ordered a plate of 石河子凉皮. We loved the spicy sauce and chewy flat noodles. Though the noodles were chewy, we still find the one at Jin De Lai (金德来中华拉面) was better. (Food rating: 3/5)

Noodles (一口香拌面) tasted very much like Spanish Rice with Salsa sauce. The udon noodles were chewy and the ingredients were freshly prepared. However, I feel that this is just normal. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Big Plate Chicken (大盘鸡) was delicious but we still like the one from Jin De Lai. The Big Plate Chicken at Yelixiali served without noodles and somehow we missed the one we had back home. However, the chicken meat was tender and the sauce/gravy was delicious. (Food rating: 3/5)

Xinjiang Fried Noodles (新疆小炒) looks very much like our local version of Singapore fried noodles (新洲米粉). The only difference was that tang hoon (sweet potato vermicelli) was used instead. Cooked with egg and bean sprouts, the nice fragrance could make one, especially me, salivate. Again, I keep putting the noodles into my mouth without realizing how much food I have eaten at the end of this meal. 

Address: Brilliance Shimao International Plaza, 819 Nanjing Rd Pedestrian Street, Huangpu, Shanghai, China
Price: $
Rating: 3/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 4.5/5