Yelixiali (耶里夏麗新疆餐庁), Shanghai, China (Food rating: 3/5)

I was unable to explore Shanghai recently as it was raining heavily for the last couple of days. Because of the bad weather, I was not able to try new food places. Instead, I went to Yelixiali (耶里夏麗新疆餐庁) again for lunch. This restaurant offers a wide variety of Xinjiang cuisine - traditionally home to ethnic Muslim peoples like the Uighur. I arrived a little early and had to wait for another half hour.

Having these delicious foods remind me of Jin De Lai - a Xinjiang Restaurant in Singapore. 

I ordered the roasted lamb thigh (see photo above). The lamb thigh, priced at RMB 168, was rather gamey. The meat was tender and the lamb skin was very crispy. The dish came with two dipping sauce - the first was a vinegar sauce and the other was curry-like powder. I prefer eating the meat dipped with the powder to the vinegar sauce. However, it still failed to mask the strong lamb taste. (Food rating: 3/5)

The shredded potato strips cooked in vinegar and chilli was interesting. It was my first time having this dish. However, it was a little sour for me. The potato strips were crunchy. At first, I thought that the dish was uncooked. I must say that this was an interesting dish but was definitely something that I would love to eat the next time. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Out of curiosity, I ordered a cup of iced Xinjiang Original Milk Tea. Whether it was a Xinjiang brewed tea or not, the tea tasted very much like Teh Tarik but with a lot of milk. The beverage had a thick cream aftertaste. I think it was too rich for me. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

I also ordered a bowl of steamed rice. The rice was steamed directly in the bowl and there were chickpeas in the rice. I could eat the rice with the crunchy peas. I must say that it was different from the other restaurants I have dined in Shanghai.

Other dishes include big plate chicken, and lamb kebab. The total cost RMB220.

Address: Brilliance Shimao International Plaza, 819 Nanjing Rd Pedestrian St
Huangpu, Shanghai, China
Price: $
Rating: 3/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 4.5/5