Famiglia @ 8th Ave, New York, United States

Famiglia, one of the famous pizzerias in the United States, is the fastest pizza-chain in the country. Started in 1970s, the pizzeria chain has become a leader in the New York pizza market and earned its reputation as New York's Favourite Pizza.

We bought two slices of pizza at the chain at the intersection of Eight Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan. There were many people in the restaurant and most of them ordered take-outs (takeaways). What I liked about this restaurant was its cosy interior design. A simple, bare minimum design made one comfortable dining without worrying on dining etiquette. 

The total damages of the two slices of pizza and a medium cup of soda drink cost us USD8.00. 

Pepperoni Pizza, (see photo above) priced at USD3.25, was a little salty to suit our palates. We ate each ingredient on the pizza separate to isolate our ingenious salt test. We did not come to a consensus. I thought it was the pepperoni, whereas my friend thought was the ingredient (cheese, perhaps) below the pepperoni. Nevertheless, the crust was crispy and the pizza bread was soft. It was still delicious and fragrant despite its saltiness. (Food rating: 3/5)

Cheese Pizza, priced at USD3.25, is my favourite. The simple dough was spread with tomato sauce and topped with cheese. I loved the thin crust which was crispy and the dough was soft. You would know when you gave a bite and pulled apart the cheese and the bread. It was fun. The sauce tasted just nice (not too salty and not too sour) and the cheese was fragrant. (Food rating: 3/5) 

Address: 757 Broadway at 8th Avenue, New York, NY10003, United States
Price: $
Rating: 3/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 3.5/5