66 Lu's Seafood (海之味台湾), Flushing, Queens, New York, United States (Food rating: 4/5)

At 66 Lu's Seafood, you can enjoy Taiwanese food away from home. A simple restaurant offering a variety of Taiwanese dishes that you will not miss home.

Today was a cold and rainy day and it was a great day to have something hot and delicious. Though the temperature was about six degree celsius, the rain drops were cold that made us shiver with cold.

Why 66 Lu's Seafood? When we went to Bangkok Thai for lunch, we noticed that  66 Lu's Seafood restaurant was crowded with people. There were people waiting outside the restaurant until there was an available table. At that time, we decided that we should give the restaurant a try the next time.

The restaurant was about 10 mins walk from our hotel. We were cold and hungry by the time we entered the popular restaurant. At the same time, the rain grew heavier. At 66 Lu's Seafood, we ordered four dishes which cost us a total amount of USD35, including taxes and tips. Compared to Bangkok Thai, this Taiwanese themed restaurant served almost authentic Taiwanese food, which we enjoyed immensely. It made us feel as if we were in Taiwan, rather than their home countries. 

I liked the Minced Pork on Rice (卤肉饭) or braised meat over rice. Priced at 5.95, it was a little expensive for a small bowl of rice. However, the stewed minced pork was sweet and fragrant. The preserved vegetables were nice. This bowl of rice reminded us of the delicious rice we ate in Taiwan. It was good. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Fried Chicken Leg on Rice (盐酥鸡腿饭), priced at USD7.25, was equally delicious. It was a serving of minced pork meat on rice with two pieces of fried chicken drumsticks. The chicken drumsticks were fragrant. The chicken skin was crisp and the meat was tender and moist. What I was expecting was Kingwueng's Chicken Thigh on rice. I thought that the chicken drumsticks were chopped for easy eating. There was also blanched chopped cabbage which was soft and sweet. (Food rating: 4/5)

Beef Stewed Noodle Soup (红烧牛肉面), priced at USD7.25, was spicy and hot that warmed the cockles of our hearts. It was the best time to eat this delicious noodles on a cold and rainy day. The soup was fragrant and peppery. The beef briskets were tender and the noodles were a little soft. There were also many ginger slices which might have contributed to the spiciness in the soup. Eating the noodles, beef brisket and soup together was enjoyable and heart warming. (Food rating: 4/5)

Hot & Sour Soup Taiwanese Style (台式酸辣汤), priced at USD6.95, was the highlight of the entire dining experience. The soup, comprise black fungus tofu slices, egg and bamboo shoot slices, was spicy and sour. We would definitely order this again when we come back. This soup was unforgettable. (Food rating: 4/5) 

Address: 38-18 Prince Street, Flushing, Queens, New York, NY11354, United States
Price: USD$
Rating: 4/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 5/5