Nandos @ Bugis Junction, Singapore (Food rating: 3/5)

I met my parents for dinner at Nandos on weekday evening. We ordered a full platter - a whole chicken with four regular side dishes. We chose the side dishes - coleslaw, Mediterranean fried rice, spicy fried rice and garlic bread.

The service was a little slow and it was a little challenging to attract the servers' attention. The restaurant staff took some time to take our orders, serve our food and finally to get our bill. 

Despite the slow service, the food was reasonably okay. I recalled having my first Nandos in Cambridge, United Kingdom and I became a huge fan. During my stay in the United Kingdom, I dined at Nandos every other day. When Nandos first set up its flagship store at Bugis Junction, I was excited and could not wait to eat my favourite food again. 

Back to the food in Singapore, the chicken meat was tender. One good indication was the breast meat which was still moist. The marinade was delicious. The only disappointment was that the skin lacked crispiness. Apart from that, the entire chicken was really awesome and you don't really need additional condiments to enhance the taste. I ordered spicy level for the chicken and the spiciness was just nice. My mum loves spicy food so she added extra spicy sauce.

The two rice dishes were also equally delicious. The portion was just nice for one person each.

I loved the garlic bread best. The bread slices were perfectly toasted that there was still a little softness. The garlic bread was very fragrant.

In total, we spent around SGD70.00 for three persons. All of us were stuffed after the meal.

Address: 200 Victoria Steet, Bugis Junction #01-85/87, Singapore 188021
Price: $
Rating: 3.5/5
Stuffness level (how full you are): 3/5