db Bistro and Oyster Bar @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Rating: 4/5)

I came back to db Bistro and Oyster Bar again after my last visit two years ago. This time, we aimed to try out new dishes and reminisce the wonderful dining experience.

Opened by the award-winning French Chef-Restauranteur, Chef Daniel Boulud offers an exciting mix of Traditional French Bistro cooking with contemporary American flavours, not forgetting his famous burgers, at the restaurant.
Once again, we had an amazing dining experience at db bistro. The ambience was great, the food was fantastic and the service was commendable. The total spending for 2 pax was SGD298.96. Though it was on the high side, it was definitely worth it. Why not try db Bistro Moderne and let them blow your minds away?

(Above) Barbequed Pork Belly

Pâté "Grand Pere" - Foie Gras, Black Truffle, Bacon, Pickles and Mustard, priced at SGD20, was a mixture of ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste. The paste was added with foie gras, black truffle and bacon that emitted a mouthwatering fragrance. As a layman, the fragrance smelled like SPAM or luncheon meat. However, when you eat it with bread, it was heavenly and different from the normal SPAM that was available in the supermarkets. There was a tint of bitterness from the foie gras, saltiness from the bacon and nice aroma from the black truffles. Together with the warm crispy bread slice, it was delightful. The bread basket was refillable. (Food rating: 4/5)

French Onion Soup, priced at SGD18, sounded very ordinary when you read it from the menu, But, you will be amazed by how the delicious soup could blow your minds away. Made from classic onion, beef consomme, cheese and croutons, I could taste the rich beef broth and sweet soft onions. The Switzerland cheese complemented the soup so well that it made the broth richer in both taste and aroma. The delicious soup was best consumed alone as the portion and the rich taste would be just nice for one to savour. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

The Alaskan King Crab Salad was served with Butter Lettuce, English Peas, Radish, Tarragon-Yogurt Dressing. Priced at SGD34, there was a generous serving of freshly shredded crab meat (not frozen crab sticks). The English peas were very crunchy with a nice fragrance. The lettuce leaves were freshly prepared with the added crunch. But, the salad dressing was a little sour for my liking. Besides the overly sour dressing, the salad was fantastic.  (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Our favourite was the Barbequed Pork Belly, comprising Arugula (vegetable), Roasted Plums, Haricots Verts (string beans) and Hazelnuts. Priced at SGD18, it was value-for-money and highly recommended. The pork belly was extremely tender and it melted immediately into our mouths. The taste was beyond words. The salad dressing atop the pork belly was just nice. The pork belly dish was awesome. We were speechless and could not stop putting the meat into our mouths until it was gone. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Coq au Vin was Smoked Bacon served with Pearl Onions, Mushrooms, and Farfalle Pasta. Priced at SGD36, this traditional French dish was one of the highlights of the menu. It was also one of the best dishes in the restaurant. (Food rating: 4/5)

The final entree was the Herb-Roasted Welsh Lamb served with Ratatouille, Olive Panisse (floured cake), Basil and in Natural Jus. At SGD40, the medium cooked lamb was cooked to perfection. The outer layer was crispy and yet the inner part of the lamb was soft and tender. The lamb was cooked with delicious, mouthwatering herbs and was not gamey at all. Each piece of the succulent lamb was heavenly as we savour every bite quietly throughout the entire time. (Food rating: 4.5/5)

Like what I would always say, "Always end your meal with a sweet dessert." It was like having a sweet ending. I ordered myself a Molten Chocolate Cake served with Sea Salt Caramel and Caramelised Milk Sherbert. The rich chocolate malt was exceedingly delicious. But, the cake, on the overall, was rather ordinary. It tasted as if you could easily buy or taste in any other restaurants. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

If you are looking for a drink, why not order a 我的美人 (Watermelon Cocktail). Comprising Volka, Muddled Watermelon, Cucumber Syrup & Lime Juice with Sour Plum-Sugared Rim, this drink suited me very well. The sweetness from the watermelon and the revitalising feeling from the cucumber syrup refreshed my palette. This SGD22 drink was a great companion for a lady who needed a drink. (Food rating: 4/5)

Address: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, B1-48, Galleria Level, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Price: $$$
Overall Rating: 4/5
Stuffness Level: (How full you are) 4/5