G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood (新马活海鲜) for frog legs, Singapore (Rating: 3/5)

Have you ever eaten frog legs before? If you have not, This is THE place to go. Located at the outskirts of Singapore's famous Geylang area and near Kallang MRT station, you will notice a brightly lit restaurant signage at night. The restaurant opens till wee hours in the night, so you can enjoy a delectable supper.

I remembered how I was introduced to frog legs when I was very young. My relatives told me that they were chicken wings. Truthfully, these frog legs really did taste like a cross between chicken and fish and have similar texture. When I grew up, I became more knowledgeable. I learnt how they were butchered and saw their ugly appearance in person. Both the butchery and the appearance made me stopped eating frog legs entirely.

Many see frog legs as a low-cholesterol, high protein alternative of meat. It is rich in potassium which is essential in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Hence, it is a great alternative for people with high cholesterol. Frog leg dishes are commonly known in the French and Cantonese cuisines. In the Chinese cuisine, frog legs are usually stir-friend, stewed, fried or made into congee.

Recently, I was reintroduced to frog legs. A friend of mine introduced me to Sin Ma Live Seafood Restaurant. He recommended to me the frog legs and persuaded me to give it another shot. After the meal at the restaurant, I began to accept the amphibian gradually. You can see why by reading my reviews below.

We ordered a sumptuous meal that night and spent a total amount of SGD66.15 for two persons.

The frog legs were cooked in the Kung po style (辣椒田鸡) similar to the Kung Pao Chicken. The use of dried chilli and dark soy sauce were mixed very well with the frog legs. The sauce enhanced the taste of the porridge. The porridge was savoury and gluey. The rice was less grainy. The frog legs were tender. This dish changed my perception of frog legs as I have mentioned earlier. I don't mind eating it again. :P (Food rating: 3/5)

As appetisers, we were served with braised peanuts and fried crispy anchovies. I loved the braised peanuts. The texture was just nice - neither too soft nor too crunchy. You could still have a little crunch when you chew the nuts. The soy sauce was light and fragrant. It was extremely enjoyable to eat while waiting for our main dishes.

Barbecue Chicken Wings with Marmite (妈蜜鸡) was savoury. The chicken wings were tender and juicy. The marmite gave a little boost to the savoury. Because of the strong in taste, the porridge was a perfect complement. (Food rating: 3/5)

G7 豆腐 (小) House Special was actually hot plate tofu with egg. The ingredients included carrot bits, baby corn, shrimps, tofu, button mushroom and minced meat. When the hot plate arrived, it was sizzling. The egg was still cooking and steam was gushing upwards. The tofu was very soft on the interior and slightly crispy on the exterior. The shrimps were very fresh and crunchy. The tofu dish could just be your main dish with a bowl of white rice. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Recently, I have cravings for Fried Omelette with preserved radish (菜脯蛋). This dish reminisced the days when I was a child. My mother used to cook the delicious fried omelette with preserved radish. The nice fragrance was very addictive. The preserved radish was savoury and added that crunch to the egg. The genesis of this craving started when I ate it again at Oasis Taiwanese Porridge after a long time. At Sin Ma, the omelette was fluffy and big. The portion of preserved radish was generous. It was heavenly when eaten with porridge. You even eat many bowls of white plain porridge with this delicious dish. Mum, please start cooking this omelette for me again. (Food rating: 4/5)

Address: 163 Geylang Lorong 3 #01-01/02 Singapore 389239
Price: $
Rating: 3/5