Din Tai Fung @ Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore (Rating: 3.5/5)

If you are looking for a good Chinese food, why not try Din Tai Fung?

Din Tai Fung is one of the popular Chinese restaurants in Singapore. It is always crowded and you have to take a queue number. I frequently go to Marina Bay Link Mall and I always see many people crowding outside the restaurant waiting for their queue number to be called. When their number is called, they will then be ushered to their table.

At overseas, this brand name won a one-star Michelin award in Hong Kong. 

If you are sick of eating the Steamed Pork Dumpling, why not try the Steamed Crab Dumpling (蟹肉小笼包)? The soft and firm crab meat in the thin and smooth dumpling skin were a great combination. I was told that there were two kinds of dipping sauce. One, light soy sauce in ginger strips. Two, black rice vinegar in ginger strips. What was the difference? When dipped in light soy sauce, the sweetness of the meat was enhanced and the dipping sauce was not overwhelming. On the other hand, the meat, when dipped in black vinegar, was a little overbearing. Comparing the two dipping sauces, the light soy sauce was the better choice. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Stewed Beancurd Cubes with Honey Sauce (四喜烤麸) was one of our favourite appetisers. The taste was sweet. The sweet firm beancurd had a nice texture. The bamboo shoots was soft and sweet. (Food rating: 3/5)

Oriental Wanton with Black Vinegar and Chilli Oil (红油抄手) was a dish of delicately wrapped wantons in a flavourful mix of vinegar and chilli oil. The wanton skin was thin and smooth too. The dipping sauce was a mix of sourness and spiciness. I loved the delicious meat inside. (Food rating: 4/5)

Stir-fried Dou Miao with Garlic (蒜炒豆苗) was a simple dish made with only young, tender shoots. The dish was cooked with just a teaspoon of sunflower oil and garlic. The vegetables had a bitter after taste. (Food rating: 2/5)

We ordered a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup (Original) (酸辣汤). The soup comprised of tofu strips, fungus with a smooth, comforting texture. When we tasted the soup, it was surprisingly bland. Then, we added vinegar into the soup, enhancing the taste. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Deep-fried Special Marinated Pork Chop (炸排骨) was juicy and tender. The pork chop is deep fried to perfection. The pork chop reminded me of Taipei when I had the pork chop rice at Kingwueng Pork (金园排骨), Taipei. Somehow, it made me want to visit the city again. The crispy crust with tender juicy meat inside made dining a gastronomic experience. You can eat it on its own. (Food rating: 4/5)

As usual, I cannot resist ordering a plate of fried rice. I ordered a plate of Fried Rice with Shredded Pork and Eggs (蛋炒饭). The rice was presented in a shape of a dome. The pearly white rice was shiny and granular. The egg was well distributed midst the rice. The egg enhanced the fragrance of the dish, coupled with the heat from the wok. (Food rating: 3/5)

Address: Marina Bay Mall Link, 8A Marina Boulevard #B2-05 Singapore 018984
Price: $
Rating: 3.5/5